Colour Matching Hair Extensions

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Colour matching blond hair extension to real hair

Colour matching hair extensions can be time-consuming and difficult to do. It is also one of, if not the most, important task when it comes to natural-looking hair extensions. We’re going to talk you through what makes hair extension colour matching so important and the work that goes into ensuring a seamless transition between your natural hair and your hair extensions.

Why do we Colour Match our Hair Extensions?

The answer is simple and can be summed up in one word…natural. 

Hair extensions are a great way of enhancing your natural hair. They can provide thickness, length and maybe even a little glamour. The clue however is in the name, they should be an ‘extension’ of your natural hair. The best quality hair extensions are usually the ones that cannot be spotted. Colour matching is paramount in achieving this. A perfect colour match leads to a seamless transition between your own hair and the hair extensions themselves.

So…colour matching might help your hair extensions to look the best they possibly can but, it goes further than that. High-quality hair extensions have the ability to transform the way you feel about yourself. Hair extensions can help you to get the hair of your dreams, in turn improving your confidence. We offer a luxury service to ensure that every lady who leaves our salon leaves looking and feeling better than ever! 

How do we Colour Match our Hair Extensions?

We offer an in-salon, custom colour blending service to help achieve your perfect hair extension colour match. Colour matching hair extensions requires an eye for detail and patience. A person’s hair is very rarely just one colour, this can make it a somewhat complicated process. The majority of people have numerous colour strands running through their hair, we must, therefore, identify these colours in order to create our custom-blended luxury Russian hair extensions.

To do this, we take a lock of your natural hair before creating your bespoke set of extensions. We use our expert eye for detail to identify the different colours and tones running through your hair and to what extent. We can then match these colours to the extension hair, combining different amounts of each hair type until we find the perfect colour match. We also take into account the texture of your hair during this process. If the texture is not matched, the hair extensions will not look natural. Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy or a mix of all, we blend hairs of matching textures to perfectly mirror your own hair.

Why you Should Colour Match your Hair Extensions

Now you know the importance of colour matching hair extensions, here’s why you should ensure that your hair extensions have been expertly colour matched. 

Many people choose to buy hair extensions online however, the colour match will never be spot on when purchased through a website. Not only will you have to guess your colour based on an online photo, all of the hair extensions will have been premade. As everybody’s hair is unique and has different shades and tones running through it, premade hair extensions will never be a perfect match. This means they are unlikely to look natural and may not have quite the effect you were looking for. 

We would recommend going to a hair extensions salon with a great reputation if you really want the hair of your dreams. At The Hair Alchemist, we are extremely proud of our custom colour-blending service and invite clients to see and feel the hair, ask questions and check the colour match during their free consultation appointment, before we create their bespoke, luxury hair extensions. 

To book in for a free consultation appointment or find out more about our custom colour blending service, get in touch today! 07538 970628

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