Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

By March 23, 2020 3 Comments
The Hair Alchemist salon

In light of the increasing severity of the COVID-19 situation, I have taken the difficult decision to close the salon doors and isolate, as per the government advice.

I could have stayed open like every other salon I know. I could have accommodated the clients we have booked in already, as none have cancelled. In fact, we have experienced even higher demand than usual but, as I stood looking at my staff, I could not shake the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach because I know what is coming. Looking at them touching hair, blow-drying and styling, I realised we could not possibly follow the government guidelines on social distancing. I could not with good conscience remain open any longer.

They did an amazing job, we all worked until midnight to get our ladies with compromised immune systems in, in order to remove their hair systems. My team made me proud but at the same time, the whole experience was terrifying.

No amount of money is worth my staff getting sick. Hearing “there aren’t enough ventilators to go round” and knowing I could be making this worse by running a busy salon has made me feel physically sick. It’s just money. Being able to breathe is more important. Due to this, I have emptied the account, emptied the salon, given all of my staff a bonus this month and paid them early so that they are able to isolate too, helping prevent the further spread of coronavirus. I have made sure that all of my staff have enough so they can live for a few months without worrying, needing to sign on or work at a supermarket. Enough to isolate. I wish that I could do more. I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.

I started this business from nothing and it’s never been about handbags or cars or a designer lifestyle. I’ve made enough to make six people comfortable when we are about to lose a generation. Hopefully, I have done enough to open the business again when all of this is over. I know that following the dictates of my conscience is the right decision.

To all of our loyal clients, this is simply an interval, not the end. We will be reopening when possible to offer removals, de-tangling, colours, cuts and a little bit of human contact. If you have lost your job and are struggling, don’t worry, we’ve got you. All deposits will be carried over and we will be making sure you don’t lose out but please understand that the cost of close contact right now is human suffering. As a business, we need to have a social conscience to our clients, team and to the weak and vulnerable, we therefore cannot remain open if this is the cost.

I will contact each client individually.

Make sure to check the blog weekly for important information on looking after your hair extensions while the salon is closed, helpful tips, tricks and more.

Emma. X


  • Suzanne says:

    Hi I was really emotional reading this and I am so glad you have made this decision, which is the right one for you. Your staff and public protection. As a nurse in the NHS, I m grateful for people like you who do the right thing. What’s a glimpse of a wire ring in a grown out extension when all this is going on. Looking forward to seeing you all when all this is over
    Keep safe, Suzanne

  • Julie Whiteside says:

    Fantastic message above!! I would love someone to contact me when all is back to normal to organise an appointment with you.

  • June Catherine Thresh says:

    Hope you are all keeping well and safe, looking forward to seeing you all again when these weird times are over.

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