Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

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The Best Hair Extensions Without Damage


If you chose suitable hair extensions for your hair type, and look after them properly, they will not cause damage to your hair. Simple!

As mentioned in our previous Myths post, hair extensions may cause damage if the application is unsuitable for your hair type and/or if you have them in too long (we advise three months) without maintenance.

There are so many varieties of hair extensions. These include temporary clip-ins, semi-permanent tape-in hair extensions and more permanent solutions such as weaves. There is also a huge range of applications which includes gluing and sewing which can leave your hair unhappy. 

Luckily, at the Hair Alchemist, we’re experts in all aspects of hair extensions! This is why we use micro rings, the safest attachment method for permanent hair extensions. Micro rings don’t require any sort of adhesive or sewing, the doesn’t place any undue strain on the natural hair, they are easy to manage and feel as natural as the hair you were born with.

You can rest assured that we have got you covered from consultation to aftercare, ensuring you leave the salon comfortable and confident.

Here is how we guarantee that our extensions don’t damage your hair:

Russian and Slavic Hair Extensions

Firstly we only use the best quality, natural, human hair. Virgin Russian hair is known for its strength, longevity and its ability to lift colour, making it perfect for long term extensions and versatile enough for any hairstyle.


russian and slavic hair extensions


Secondly, we want to provide you with the most suitable solution and have you leaving confident with your new extensions. That’s why we provide a free consultation (with a glass of bubbly) for every client with one of our expert technicians.

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Personal Touch

We uniquely craft our extensions to fit your natural hair and suit you dependant on lifestyle and type of hair.

We hackle the hair, custom colour blend it, and washed it to make sure it seamlessly blends with your own natural hair.


Our micro rings are by far the safest and most manageable application of hair extensions. Although we are trained to use adhesives with hair, we avoid it to stop any damage to your natural hair.

If you have fine hair, our miniature micro rings will do the job.

brunette micro ring extensions yorkshire

Advice, Maintenance, and Aftercare

And finally, our expert extension technician will take you through maintenance and aftercare to make sure you leave the salon being able to take care of your luscious new locks!

For anyone suffering from hair loss or thinning and unsure whether hair extensions are suitable, we have some information here but please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

So there you have. Come to us, your specialist hair extension salon in Yorkshire, and you know your natural hair will be protected!

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