Hair Extensions Myths

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Four popular hair extensions myths


Hair extensions will damage my hair.

Answer: False.

There are over 20 attachment methods for hair extensions available. Our junior technicians are trained in a minimum of five of these methods. The attachment method appropriate for you will depend on your hair type and your lifestyle.

Forget budget, cheaper methods might be great in the short term but a tight weave for under £200 is not going to leave your fine blonde hair in great condition and likewise, micro rings in afro hair are going to end up matted and tangled within weeks.

The good news is, at our Harrogate Hair extensions salon, we only use safe attachment methods. Although we are trained in all methods, we simply will not apply adhesive, whether it be tape in hair, bonded, fusion or glue, to your natural hair. Call us crazy but any type of anything that sticks to your fragile hair cuticle is a recipe for breakage.

If you want to know more about our preferred method and promoting the health of your natural hair then click onto the micro rings section.

Hair extensions look fake.

Answer: False.

We know what you’re thinking. But you don’t have to look cheap just because you want to add length and thickness to your hair. The key to this is blending. We have a whole other section on how to make sure your hair extensions don’t look fake here.

Hair extensions are hard to maintain.

Answer: False (and kind of true at the same time).

Let’s be honest here, your hair extensions are going to require a certain level of maintenance. They will take longer to dry because there’s more of it and you need to have them removed and re-applied every couple of months to protect your natural hair. All hair extensions require maintenance and leaving your hair longer than three months without professional hair extension re-fits can cause damage.

Our micro ring hair extensions are designed to be low maintenance. You can straighten, curl, wash, dry and tie your hair up with ease and you don’t have the worry of the damage to your natural hair. Amazing!

Hair extensions are expensive because you have to replace them often.

Answer: False.

On average, a set of hair extensions applied in a professional salon will cost between £400 and £900 depending on the length, thickness and grade of hair you choose. Most hair extensions last around six months before they need replacing completely. However, our Russian hair extensions are designed to last for years so you can re-use them again and again.

This saves a lot of money in the long run and our clients save on average £500 a year when they come to our hair extensions salon. Please remember though, good hair isn’t cheap and if you are being sold ‘Russian virgin hair’ at a cheap price or half price then the reality is, the hair is unlikely to be genuine.

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Hair extensions myths

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