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If you have fine hair or thinning hair, you might be wondering if you can safely use hair extensions to give yourself a bit more volume and thickness. There is a lot of information on this topic across the internet, but not all of it tends to be correct, and can be a little outdated or not consider all available options. So, let’s set things straight – can you get hair extensions if your hair is thinning?

People with thin and thinning hair can get hair extensions, but it depends on the type of system/attachment method used. At The Hair Alchemist, we like to use Micro Rings and Miniature Micro Rings on thin and fine hair as they are the least damaging type of extensions available and are virtually undetectable, even in thin hair.

Read on to learn more about hair extensions for thin and thinning hair with award-winning salon, The Hair Alchemist.

Are Hair Extensions Good for Thin Hair?

Thin hair is naturally a little more easily damaged than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those with thin hair can’t have hair extensions. It just means that they need to choose the right type of extensions that don’t damage or pull out the natural hair.

You also have to consider the weight of the extensions being fitted. Heavy extensions, or a lot of extensions can pull on the natural hair and also damage the scalp. Therefore, it’s important to opt for lightweight extensions and perhaps adopt a less is more approach in terms of how many extensions are fitted.

What Hair Extensions are Best for Thin Hair?

For thin hair, we believe that Micro Rings or Miniature Micro Rings are the best type of hair extensions for two key reasons:

  • They are the least damaging hair extensions available
  • They are virtually undetectable, even in thin hair

Less Damaging

Due to the attachment method, Micro Rings and Mini Micro Rings are often considered to be the least damaging type of hair extensions available. They work by threading small (or micro) metal loops through the hair extension, along with some of your own hair,  and clamped shut to secure. No adhesive or harsh chemicals are used, and a soft silicone cushion barrier exists between the metal ring and your own hair for added protection.

Additionally, it is recommended that Micro Rings and Mini Micro Rings be removed and refitted every two months in order to protect the natural hair. This also means that the extensions should last longer than other types of extensions, potentially up to five years if they are properly cared for


One of the major benefits of Micro and Mini Micro Rings is that they are virtually undetectable in any hair, including fine hair. Due to their small size, individual strands and careful placement, these extensions blend seamlessly into the natural hair for a flawless finish. They’re even undetectable in updos!

How to Hide Extensions in Thin Hair

Our hair extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair due to our attachment method and careful colour blending process. This means that the extensions will perfectly match your own hair in both colour and texture.

Our stylists section off your hair strategically before a small portion of hair, the same thickness as the extension, is divided off. This is then threaded through the Micro Ring loop and clamped shut. As we work with single strands, rather than larger tapes or clip-ins, the final look is much more invisible. It also means we can be more strategic and create volume and thickness where it’s needed. 

How to Look After Hair Extensions in Thin Hair

A key factor when getting hair extensions, especially with thin hair, is proper maintenance and aftercare. Here are our top 5 tips for looking after your extensions and your own hair:

1 – Regular In-Salon Maintenance

The biggest tip for looking after hair extensions in fine hair is to not skip your maintenance appointments. Not only do they prolong the life of your extensions, but help to keep your own fine hair healthy.

It is recommended to go no longer than two months between maintenance appointments, where we carefully remove your extensions before resealing them with a keratin bond to ensure that no shedding occurs, and to remove product build-up. 

Your natural hair is then washed, trimmed and blow-dried and we’ll also examine the health of your scalp and natural hair before refitting the extensions as before. 

Learn more about maintenance appointments and why they’re so important for the health of your extensions here

2 – Invest in Good Products

When wearing hair extensions, you need to use good products in order to prolong their lifespan. We recommend products that are silicone, sulphate and paraben-free as these can damage both your natural hair and the extensions. 

At The Hair Alchemist, we use and highly recommend Neal and Wolf products

3 – Braids are Your Friend

We highly recommend styling your hair in a loose braid when sleeping, swimming and exercising to help protect the extensions. Carefully brush through your hair and secure it in a loose braid using snag-free hair ties. 

4 – Be Careful When Brushing

We recommend using a specialist extension brush when wearing hair extensions. This style of brush has soft nylon or boar bristles and a cushioned bristle base, allowing it to gently glide over the bonds. 

When brushing, start from the bottom, moving up towards the root whilst holding the bonds as you brush to avoid placing unnecessary stress on the bonds. 

When the hair is wet, we recommend using a wide tooth comb as using a brush at this time can cause breakage.

5 – Wash No More than 2-3 Times Per Week

Before washing, we recommend thoroughly detangling your hair as detailed above. We advise not washing your hair more than two to three times per week in order to protect your hair. This also goes for hair without hair extensions. If your hair gets greasy quickly, dry shampoo can be used between washes. 

It’s best to wash upright rather than over a bath or sink. Smooth the shampoo down the strands but don’t rub vigorously and only condition from the mid-lengths down and conditioner near the bonds can cause slippage. 

Premium Hair Extensions for Thin Hair at The Hair Alchemist

The Hair Alchemist is an award-winning salon for hair extensions, specialising in premium Russian hair extensions. Our range includes micro rings and clip-in extensions tailored for fine hair. We exclusively source top-quality Russian and Slavic hair for its exceptional health, strength, and overall quality.

You can schedule an appointment with us to install hair extensions for your short hair or if you want further advice. Get in touch today via phone 07538970628 to book your initial consultation. 

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