The Best Hair Extensions In Yorkshire

luxury auburn russian hair extensions

At our Hair extensions salon in Yorkshire, we only work with the finest Russian and Slavic hair available on earth. This hair is known for its low density and strength which means it is lighter than any other hair available on the planet.

This low density is mainly down to the DNA of the donor. This genetic element when combined with a low salt, low-fat traditional vegetable rich Russian diet, makes this hair the most sought-after hair available on the planet.

There are many salons claiming to supply and fit Russian hair but they don’t. The truth is, this hair is extremely difficult to source and with a large number of unscrupulous brokers and merchants, it is easy to be conned into believing the hair you are purchasing is Russian.

We believe the only way to know whether what you are buying is Russian is to cut out the entire supply chain and travel to Russia. We did this back in 2013 and have a well established and annually audited supply chain, providing us with the hair, ethically sourced and collected by our team of collectors.

Here are a few clues to help you distinguish Russian virgin hair from coloured Asian hair….they can look very similar but a few telltale signs can help you decide whether to purchase this hair for your salon/self.

  1. Price. Russian hair is expensive, Like gold, it has a set global price which is dictated by the global supply and demand for this commodity. If you are being offered a full head of Russian hair at 3-400 pounds, then the likelihood is that is is not Russian but cleverly disguised Asian hair
  2. The person selling you the hair can speak Russian.
    If the person you are buying the hair from is not a Russian speaker with a long established network of suppliers, then the likelihood is that the hair is not Russian. There are also many Russian speaking dealers/brokers claiming to sell Russian hair. In some cases, this hair is bought from India/China from Russian/ Ukranian companies and disguised to fool salons and consumers. They apply a Russian price tag and ship directly from Russia.
    If the hair is one block colour or comes in a ponytail weighing over 100g then the likelihood is it is either chemically treated or does not come from a single donor.
  3. The hair will last for many years as opposed to months: Russian hair lasts for years with good aftercare. It does not come in weaves or wefts. It does not come ombre, dip dye or platinum. Virgin Russian hair comes in dark blonde to medium brown and the salons that truly understand and work with this hair should be able to work the hair using a hackle, blending brush, drawing brushes, hand-tied wefts and tipping irons. Packaged and ready tipped hair cannot command the same price tag as Russian hair as it is generally lower quality.
  4. The hair looks imperfect: bulk ponytails in one colour, machine wefts, tape ins, tipped hair with a silky finish are not available directly from collectors but come from hair factories where the hair is made to look shiny and processed. True Russian hair will have split ends, waves, natural highlights from the sun and kinks. An experienced salon will understand how to work this hair to remove all the shorter unwanted hairs, leaving each client with a bespoke set of hair extensions.