The Best Hair Products for Extensions

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shampoo for hair extensions

Whilst most hair extensions last a number of months, our hair extensions can last anywhere between 1 and 5 years! Gaining the maximum life out of your hair extensions not only comes down to the quality of hair, but also to how well you look after them. Russian hair is some of the best and strongest hair in the world. Because we only use Russian and Slavic hair our hair extensions last much longer than many others; your hair extension aftercare routine can make all the difference in helping them look amazing for even longer!

Here at the Hair Alchemist, we only use the best products on our client’s hair. We have officially partnered with Neal and Wolf because we believe that they offer the very best hair products for extensions. All Neal and Wolf products are Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, TEA Free, DEA Free and Cruelty-Free. Through this, you can be sure that everything you put on your hair is going to be good for it. Neal and Wolf combine luxury haircare with affordability, helping everyone to get amazing looking hair. It is because of this that we recommend to our customers that only Neal and Wolf products are used on their hair extensions.

We have put together a list of the essential hair extension products you should be using to help you develop your very own hair extension aftercare routine and keep those locks looking luscious for longer!

RITUAL Daily Cleansing Shampoo

The RITUAL Daily Cleansing Shampoo is ideal for frequent use on all hair types, designed to cleanse hair, leaving it fresh, shiny and healthy. Infused with silk and milk proteins, is the ideal shampoo for hair extensions. The unique blend of silk and milk proteins deliver vital moisture to the hair, helping to reduce flyaway hairs and frizz. In addition to this, liquid shea offers shine leaving hair feeling luxurious and easy to manage. For best results, massage through wet hair, rinse, repeat and follow with the RITUAL Daily Conditioner. 

RITUAL Daily Conditioner

When it comes to hair extensions, conditioner is essential. RITUAL Daily Conditioner is one of the best hair extension products available as it leaves hair feeling weightless, whilst instantly detangling. This is particularly important to those wearing micro ring hair extensions. Hair extensions can be compromised if microrings become tangled. The Daily Conditioner combines silk proteins and shea butter extract to leave hair feeling smooth, moisturised and shiny. It also contains added sunscreens to help protect hair against environmental damage, helping to keep hair healthy and ready for styling. Conditioner should be massaged through wet hair, being careful to avoid microring bonds. This can cause slippage of the hair extensions. Leave on the hair for 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly.

GUARD Heat Protection Spray

When styling your hair extensions, you should try to avoid using heat where possible in order to keep hair healthy. In saying this, we’re realists at the Hair Alchemist, we know that the majority of people will use heat on their hair when styling, whether this is through blow drying, straightening or curling. If you are going to subject your hair extensions to heat, heat protection spray is a must! The GUARD Heat Protection Spray protects hair up to temperatures of 220°C. Using silk proteins, the heat protection spray helps the hair to retain moisture during styling. It creates a film polymer layer which guards the hair’s cuticles, keeping hair feeling soft and smooth. Added meadowfoam seed oil also gives hair a glossy and vibrant shine. GUARD heat protection spray can be applied to hair both wet and dry and should always be used prior to heat being applied to hair extensions. 

VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil

The VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil utilises a blend of Argan, Avocado and Jojoba oil to transform rough and unruly hair. Offering both shine and protection the VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil protects from UV damage and leaves hair feeling healthy and smooth. Product should be applied to clean, damp hair before styling. It can also be applied to dry hair after styling in order to finish.

GLOW Super Shine Spray

Hair always looks healthier when it has that glossy shine! The GLOW Super Shine Spray helps you to achieve this. It is a weightless spray designed to give hair a deep and lasting shine. Not only will it leave your hair extensions glowing but it also provides frizz control for smoother looking hair. To get that salon-fresh shine simply spray evenly over dry hair.

CONTROL Flexible Styling Spray

After styling, hairspray helps to keep hair in place. After all, why go to all that effort for it to be wasted as soon as you step outside? When styling your hair extensions, the CONTROL Flexible Styling Spray will offer all-day control with a flexible hold. With the FLexible Styling Spray, hair extensions will remain looking natural whilst also staying under control. To apply, spray evenly over finished hair in a sweeping motion.

ENHANCE Volumising Mousse

Whilst hair extensions go a long way in adding volume to the hair, you may still want that extra boost. The ENHANCE Volumising Mousse lifts hair for a voluminous overall look. It provides durable, long-lasting hold with maximum climate control. This helps to keep hair looking amazing even if it’s humid outside. It also works to enhance body, shine and the manageability of hair and hair extensions. The ENHANCE Volumising Mousse offers UV and thermal protection helping to keep hair extensions looking healthy and fuller for longer. To use, apply a small amount to the palms and massage into lightly towel-dried hair. Ensure product is applied to the hair from root to tip. Hair should then be blow dried and styled giving a lifted, high volume finish.

So there you have it, the essential hair extension products to help you smash your hair extension aftercare routine. Hair extensions can be expensive, Russian hair extensions especially. You should look at them as an investment. If you look after your hair extensions, using our recommended best hair products for extensions, they can last for years! We use all of the products mentioned above in our salon on a daily basis. We would never recommend something we have not tried and tested ourselves. All products are available to purchase directly from the salon.

For more information on hair extension aftercare or to book a consultation, get in touch!

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