The best shampoo for Hair Extensions

Hair shampoo and hair extensions

We recently invited Neil Capstick, the founder of Cloud 9 and Neal and Wolf to work together to provide a shampoo range that is appropriate for Russian hair. Despite being the CEO of one of the largest hair care brands in the world, Neil got stuck in, donned one of our aprons and became a hair extensions trainee for the day.

We looked at how Olaplex works to restructure the broken disulphide bonds in the hair to extend the life of Russian Hair Extensions, how sulphates in some shampoo work to strip moisture from the hair cuticle and we even came up with a prescription list for every possible hair issue!

Neil then returned the favour and sent some of his product experts to our salon to provide our team with free damage free straightening treatment training. We have worked together for a number of months to adapt this for Russian hair extensions and are excited to bring out the UK’s largest hair extension safe product line in July 2018!