The Best Hair Extensions to get for your Hair

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Long brunet hair extensions

Hair extensions are growing in popularity. They are a quick-fix to get the hair of your dreams! Whether it’s length you’re looking for or thickness, hair extensions are the ideal option for those who do not want to wait for their hair to grow, or for those who cannot achieve their desired look with natural hair alone.

This growing popularity has however led to an abundance of hair extension products on the market. From clip-in hair extensions to micro rings, different types of hair and different textures, it can be hard to know what are the best hair extensions to get and which products will help you to get the hair you want.

The Best Type of Hair Extensions

This is something we get asked all the time…what are the best type of hair extensions? The answer: there is no particular best type. Best attachment methods? Sure. Better quality of hair? Definitely, but the best type of hair extensions for your hair is dependent on a variety of factors. These factors include what look you want to achieve, if you are willing to invest time in maintaining your hair extensions, what type of hair you have…the list goes on.

There are a wide range of different types of hair extensions such as clip-in hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions, Russian hair extensions and more. Personally we only use Russian and Slavic hair to create our hair extensions as it is the best quality hair available anywhere in the world. Glossy, light and strong due to the traditional Russian diet, our hair extensions last longer than anybody else’s with some clients wearing the same hair for up to 5 years!

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Hair Extensions for Damaged Hair

Protecting your natural hair whilst wearing hair extensions is key. This is also a common question asked by clients, what are the best hair extensions to get for damaged hair? There are a wide range of attachment methods advertised within hair extension salons with some offering glued hair extensions, sewn-in hair extensions, and more. Many of these methods can however damage the natural hair, causing breakages and splitting.

Due to this, we only offer micro ring hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions. Both of these methods are completely damage-free, ensuring the health of your natural hair remains. This is a priority for us at the salon, we also carry out a variety of health checks on your natural hair during hair extension maintenance appointments.

Micro rings are by far the least damaging hair extensions. The extension hair and your natural hair are slotted through a metal ring which is then clamped shut in order to secure the extension. Our micro rings also contain a silicone layer to help prevent slippage.

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The Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Many people with thin hair want extensions, not for the length but to improve the thickness of their hair. They may however have been turned away from salons before claiming that the hair is unable to support extensions or may be worried that the extension attachments will be seen through thin hair. To address these worries, we use 2 particular things when applying hair extensions to a client with thin hair. First of all, we use Russian hair as it is super light. This makes it ideal for use in hair extensions for those with thin hair as the natural hair will not be put under unnecessary strain that could cause it to break.

In addition to this, we developed a method of attachment completely unique to us – miniature micro rings. Without a doubt, miniature micro rings are the best hair extensions for thin hair. They are much smaller than the standard micro ring making them much more difficult to see, even in thin hair! This helps us to create a seamless blend for natural-looking hair extensions.

The Best Hair Extensions for Alopecia

Alopecia is an autoimmune condition in which hair is lost from the body. The immune system attacks the hair follicles causing hair to be lost; it is commonly brought on by severe stress. This can result in the hair on the head becoming thin and bald patches may even form. This can be distressing for many people and hair extensions can be the perfect way to regain your confidence if you are suffering from alopecia.

Whilst we cannot recommend what the best type of hair extensions for alopecia are, as this will depend on the severity and a number of other health factors we are able to offer in-salon assessments. From there we are able to discuss with you what are the best hair extensions to get for your hair and help you to feel your best again!

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For advice on what are the best hair extensions to get for your hair give us a call! Alternatively, arrange a free in-salon consultation.

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