Why is Russian Hair the Best?

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russian hair extensions

Russian hair is some of the most sought after in the world, but why? Russian hair is extremely rare in the hair extension industry; the majority of hair extension salons offer Asian hair, usually from India or China. Asian hair is generally not well suited to the western market however, due to its colouring and texture. 

Asian hair tends to be thicker and darker than western hair. In order to ensure hair extensions blend seamlessly into the client’s own hair, both the colour and texture must be matched as best as possible. This means that Asian hair often needs to be bleached and chemically treated in order to be matched. These processes can cause damage to the hair and therefore, hair is often coated in silicone to give it back it’s healthy shine. On washing this coating will be removed, leaving the hair looking dull. Russian hair, on the other hand, is more suited to the western hair extension market. 

What Makes Russian Hair Extensions the Best?

There are numerous reasons why Russian and Slavic hair is the best for hair extensions. First of all, Russian hair is similar to western hair in texture; it is also available in a wide range of colour options from blonde and brunette to reds. This means that it is much easier to colour match and ensure that extensions blend seamlessly into your own hair. This also means that hair does not need to be chemically treated before fitting and will behave the same way as your own hair, even after washing and drying. 

A lack of chemical treatments before fitting means that Russian hair tends to have less damage than Asian hair. In addition to this, as Russian hair can be sourced in a variety of colours and styles i.e. curly, straight, wavy etc, salons are able to offer virgin Russian hair extensions. This is hair that has never been coloured or bleached and has been protected against other types of damage such as heat. Virgin hair is essentially damage-free and therefore the best quality in the world. 

Diet also plays a pivotal role in the growth of hair. Russian hair is renowned for its low density and high strength combination. This not only ensures that it is long-lasting but also light, making it super comfortable to wear. This is thanks to the typical Russian diet. The Russian diet tends to be high in nutrients and vitamins, yet low in sugar, salt and processed animal fats. This promotes the growth of strong, luxurious and naturally glossy hair…no silicone coating needed. 

Next time you find yourself wondering ‘which are the best hair extensions?’ find a salon that offers Russian hair extensions. Whilst you will pay a premium for Russian hair, the quality of Slavic Russian hair extensions means that they last much longer than other hair extensions.  They should be thought of as an investment rather than an additional cost. Salons that offer double drawn Russian hair extensions are likely the safest bet. Double drawn Russian hair is hair that has had the shorter lengths removed so it is the same thickness from root to tip, helping to create a voluminous and luxurious hair extension look.

Finding a Russian Hair Extension Salon

Finding a salon that genuinely offers Russian hair can be difficult. Many salons claim to offer Russian hair but do not. The key sign to look for is price. Russian hair extensions will always be more expensive than those made with Asian hair due to the rarity of it. You should also be wary of hair with an unnatural shine. This could mean that silicone has been applied. 

At The Hair Alchemist, based in Harrogate, we only work with Russian and Slavic hair. We source all of our hair ethically, having visited Russia to ensure the quality of our supply chain. We have over 15 years experience in Russian hair extensions, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience. We also offer a unique aftercare and maintenance service to keep your extensions looking amazing for longer!

Find out more about Russian hair extensions, our process and prices. To book a free consultation contact us on 07538 970628.

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