Get the hair of your dreams with our luxury clip in hair extensions

For those wanting to add volume and get the hair of their dreams, without the commitment of micro rings, we offer luxury clip in hair extensions. At our Harrogate salon, we create custom-made Russian, Slavic and European wefts for clip in hair extensions. Each individual hair is hand threaded by our team of experts for natural, amazing looking hair.

Custom Blended, Clip In Hair Extensions

To ensure your hair looks the best it possibly can, we custom blend your hair extensions to your natural hair. Our unique custom colour blending technique ensures your clip in hair extensions match your own hair colour exactly. This means that no line between your natural hair and the extensions will be visible, making for a more natural look overall. 

In addition to this, as all of our clip-in hair wefts are hand-tied and made with care, we can proudly say we offer the best weft hair extensions anywhere in Yorkshire. This is because our clip-in hair extensions are created in a way that minimises shedding, allows hair extensions to lie flatter and last longer than any other wefts available in the UK. The longevity of our extensions lies mainly within the quality of the hair used to create them.

We offer clip in hair extensions made from Russian and Slavic hair that will last longer than those created with Asian or European hair. This is because the Russian diet is high in nutrients and low in fat. This makes the hair extremely strong, light and glossy; perfect for making hair extensions.

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Clip-in hair extensions also require very little maintenance. This makes them the perfect option for those who are daunted by the aftercare required by micro ring hair extensions. They are also ideal for those who do not live close to the salon and cannot, therefore, attend regular maintenance appointments. We currently cater to a large number of clients from cities such as Liverpool, London and Manchester, who have worn their clip-in hair extensions for over 2 years now!

The Process

In order to create your clip in hair extensions, you will need to attend a free consultation at the salon. During this initial consultation, our friendly team of experts will measure the outer diameter of your head and discuss with you your desired finished look.  To help you decide on your desired look, you are welcome to try out some of our sample hand-tied wefts during the appointment. Based on this conversation we will then be able to assess how thick and long the wefts must be in order to achieve this, allowing us to provide a quote.

Our staff will also talk you through the different hair grades available. These range from European and Slavic hair to our exclusive Raw, Virgin Russian range. To get an idea of our prices, take a look at our price list

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For the very best clip in hair extensions, contact us on 07538 970628 to book in for your free consultation appointment.

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Clip In Hair Extensions FAQ

How do you put clip in hair extensions in?

The way you position your clip in hair extensions can be the difference between natural-looking and easily visible extensions . For best results always make sure to brush your hair thoroughly before beginning. This will ensure there are no tangles and that you can place your clip in extensions properly. 

You will need to section your hair in order to place your clip ins. We recommend starting from the bottom of your head and working your way up.  You should also start in the middle of your head (generally at the nape of your neck) to ensure clip ins are placed symmetrically. 

When applying your clip in hair extensions, make sure to place the clips as close to the root as possible. This will prevent them from sliding and will help to ensure the clips are not visible for a natural look.

Clip in hair extensions can be tricky to get right the first time but after some practice it’ll be second nature in no time! 

If you purchase clip in hair extensions from The Hair Alchemist, our expert staff will take the time to show you exactly how to apply your clip ins for a natural look and ensure that you know how to best look after them.

How long do clip in extensions last?

How long your clip in hair extensions last will depend on a number of factors including the quality of hair, how often you wear them and how well you look after them.

Most clip in hair extensions last between 3 and 6 months however, we have clients who have been wearing the same clip in hair extensions for up to 2 years now!

The higher quality the hair used the longer your clip ins will last. We use Russian hair for our clip in hair extensions; the highest quality hair available anywhere in the world. We also ensure that our clients know exactly how to look after their new clip in hair extensions with our detailed hair extension aftercare advice.

How much do clip in hair extensions cost?

The cost of clip in hair extensions will vary depending on where you get them from and the quality. Generic clip in hair extensions bought online will be cheaper as the hair quality will be lower and they will not be expertly colour matched to your own hair. This means they are unlikely to look as natural as bespoke clip in extensions. 

All of our clip in hair extensions are hand made and expertly colour matched to your hair for a seamless blend. Naturally, a set of bespoke clip in hair extensions will be more expensive, however, they will last longer and blend seamlessly into your own hair!

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How often should I wash my clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions do not need to be washed as much as your natural hair, or more permanent extension methods. This is because clip in hair extensions do not receive oils from your scalp and will therefore stay clean for longer.

There is no set timescale for how often you should wash your clip in hair extensions. It will depend on how frequently you wear them. Use your judgement and wash them when you feel they could use a freshen up however, a good rule of thumb is around every 15-20 wears.

Can you sleep with clip in hair extensions in?

Clip in hair extensions are not designed to be slept in. The clips will likely be uncomfortable and the hair could become tangled, decreasing the longevity of your clip ins. The clips could also damage your scalp and natural hair if slept in.

We recommend removing clip in hair extensions before bed, ensuring they are detangled and stored safely for your next use. This will not only save you a job next time you want to wear your hair extensions but it will help them to last longer too! 

Can you swim with clip in hair extensions?

Technically you can swim with clip in hair extensions in. They can be treated just like your normal hair however if you want them to last for as long as possible, we recommend removing them before activities such as swimming, showering or visiting the gym. 

Chemicals typically found in swimming pools such as chlorine can damage the hair causing it to become dry and brittle which could stop your clip in hair extensions from looking their best.

Are clip in hair extensions suitable for thin hair?

Clip in hair extensions are not really designed for thin hair. When used in thin hair the clips may show through meaning they don’t look natural. You may also struggle to attach clip ins to thin hair. 

The weight of the extensions could cause them to slide out. This could also put extra strain on thin hair causing damage. If you have thin hair and are interested in hair extensions, take a look at our miniature micro rings or options for those with hair loss and thinning hair.