We believe hair extensions should be undetectable

Our custom colour blending service is all about finding the best colour match to your hair, for seamless, natural-looking hair extensions. In order to achieve this, our custom colour blending service requires specialist tools and most importantly, time. We expertly match the colour, texture and thickness of your hair with the purpose of creating an undetectable attachment between your hair and your bespoke hair extensions.

How do we Ensure Natural Looking Hair Extensions?

Colour matching is a huge part of ensuring hair extensions look as natural as possible. Most people’s hair is not one colour. Natural hair tends to have many different colours running through it. This is also the case if clients have had highlights put into their hair. 

For a seamless colour match, we take the time to hand blend an array of colours from various sources of hair. This can be a lengthy process, carefully matching each colour component that makes up your hair colour however, in the end it’s worth it for amazing looking hair!

Of course it doesn’t all come down to colour. Texture also plays an important role. Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy or a little of everything, we can blend hairs of different textures to perfectly mirror your natual hair.

Whatever your hair type, we can create a perfect match.

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Single or Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

Single Drawn Hair Extensions

Single drawn hair extensions are slightly finer towards the end of the hair. Hair tends to grow at different rates resulting in a slightly tapered effect towards the bottom of the hair. Single drawn hair extensions contain both long and shorter hairs which mirrors this effect. It can however be difficult to achieve volume with single drawn hair extensions.

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double drawn hair extensions on the other hand, are the same thickness from root to tip. Double drawn hair has had the shorter hairs removed so that hair is the same thickness all the way down. This adds extra volume to hair for a more luxurious and glamorous overall look. They do tend to be heavier due to the added thickness however so may not be suitable for those with very fine hair.

The Service

At The Hair Alchemist, we offer both single and double drawn Russian hair extensions. As mentioned above, double drawn Russian hair extensions will give a more voluminous and glamorous overall look, whereas single drawn hair results in a more natural look. Which type of hair you choose depends on the look you want to achieve. Our hair extension technicians will be able to advise you on which option would be best during your free initial consultation

After your hair has been expertly colour matched and your chosen ‘look’ decided, we can make your hair extensions. When making your hair extensions we hand hackle the hair to remove the shorter lengths, combining together the blend of colours identified in your natural hair to produce your bespoke hair extensions. This process can take anywhere between 3 and 10 hours depending on the amount of hair extensions being created.

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We welcome our clients to come into the salon prior to their fitting in order to see their hair extensions being made. This gives you the opportunity to see the work that goes into creating your extensions. All of this helps us to create bespoke hair extensions that will blend seamlessly into your own hair, meaning our clients leave the salon feeling amazing!

To book in for your free consultation appointment, contact us at 07538 970628.

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Custom Colour Blending FAQs

How do you colour match ombre hair?

If you have ombre hair you may be worried about your extensions blending properly. With The Hair Alchemist, there is no need.

When colour matching we select strands of hair from a range of different hair bundles to ensure we replicate your unique hair colouring. And whilst we prefer not to treat our hair extensions with any chemicals or dyes if possible, we can dye them to match your ombre style. This will ensure a seamless blend and a natural finish.

Can my hair extensions be coloured?

Yes, as we only use 100% human hair in the salon, your hair extensions can be coloured just like you would your own hair. You should never do this yourself however!

You may want to change up your look and don’t want to buy a new set of extensions. If this is the case, book an appointment at the salon and we can help to make sure that your extensions will still seamlessly blend into your new hair colour.

It is important to note though that any dye or chemicals applied to hair extensions will shorten their lifespan so frequent dying is not recommended.

Can toner be used on hair extensions?

Just as with dye, toner can be used to alter the colour of your hair extensions. Our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair and therefore, can be treated as such. 

If you would like your hair extensions to be toned, book an appointment at the salon. You should not apply any chemicals or dyes to your hair extensions yourself. The more frequently toner and/or dye is applied to your hair extensions the more likely they are to become damaged. By allowing our expert team to tone your extensions for you, they can help to minimise damage and ensure a seamless finish.