We believe hair extensions should be undetectable whether you choose to wear them curly or straight.

Custom colour blending requires a large workshop and specialist tools. We are able to hand blend an array of colours to match your own natural hair so if you have highlights or a number of different colours running through your hair, your hair extensions will blend seamlessly.

Double or Single Drawn?

Double drawn hair is where the hair extensions are the same thickness from root to tip.

Single drawn hair is where the extensions look slightly finer on the ends.

We offer both double drawn and single drawn hair extensions at our salon and our staff are best placed to advise you which option would be best during your free initial consultation. Our hair is all hand hackled and the short hairs removed by our team of workshop technicians.

This process can take between 3 and 10 hours and you are welcome to come in and see your hair extensions being made before your fitting appointment.

custom colour blending service for hair extensions