The Best Hair Extensions Wakefield

Wakefield is a historical city known for its impressive cathedral, however the the hair extension salon choices within the city are limited. Just a short distance from Wakefield, we offer the finest in luxury Russian hair extensions to help you get the hair of your dreams!

Looking for Hair Extensions in Wakefield?

Based in Harrogate city centre, less than an hour away by train or car, we are able to offer the highest quality hair extensions to those in Wakefield.

After all, what’s a 2 hour round trip when it comes to the perfect hair?

All of our hair is ethically sourced from Russia, allowing us to create light, glossy, seamless hair extensions that can last for up to 5 years with proper maintenance. We provide expert customer care, ensuring your natural hair does not undergo any damage due to hair extensions. Our hair extensions also undergo a rigorous colour-matching process before they are fitted to ensure a seamless blend and natural-looking hair. All of this is done so that you can leave the salon feeling your very best!

For the best hair extensions in Wakefield, have them fitted in Harrogate.

Visiting The Hair Alchemist

Not only does a visit to The Hair Alchemist mean a higher quality of product but it also means a higher quality of service. Our customer care is unparalleled; offering free consultations and maintenance appointments, as well as expert colour blending and unique hair extension fitting techniques, we are experts in the industry.

All of that and refreshments from our in-salon gin bar throughout all appointments.

Whilst we are not technically a Wakefield hair extension salon, I think you’ll agree, all of the above is worth travelling for!

We offer a wide range of hair extension options within the salon including micro rings, clip ins, trichology advice and more. For hair extensions in Wakefield, Harrogate is the answer.

To book a free consultation appointment or discuss your options, give us a call on 07538 970628.