Your Russian hair extensions are designed to be reused again and again for years to come.

We recognise that our clients have made an investment and we believe in offering a maintenance service that is second to none.

Your Maintenance Appointment

Each client receives a free monthly check-up at our hair extensions salon. After the free check-up, we advise clients to book in for their 2 monthly maintenance appointment.

The cost of these appointments depends upon how many hair extensions you have and which member of staff you choose to go with.

During this appointment, each hair extension is carefully removed by one of our skilled team. The hair extension is then re-sealed using our exclusive keratin bonding material. Resealing the extension ensures no shedding will occur and removes any shampoo build up.

During the luxury maintenance service, your natural hair is then washed, blowdried, trimmed and resectioned by one of our team. This gives us an opportunity to check the health of your hair and scalp and for you to relax.

Your hair extensions are then refitted using the correct micro rings and styled before you leave our salon.

We go further than any other salon when it comes to the health of your natural hair which is why we offer a number of free health checks for our clients over the course of the year. Whilst these extensions are always damage free, our staff are trained to spot underlying scalp conditions, hair conditions etc which we believe every salon should check for.

You can expect your maintenance appointment to last between 2 and 4 hours depending on the number of extensions we are working with. We offer all our clients complimentary tea, coffee, alcohol, magazines and wifi access during these appointments.

hair extension maintenance at the hair alchemist yorkshire