The least damaging hair extensions available

Micro ring hair extensions are the only truly safe, damage-free method of attachment for your hair. Easy to maintain, discreet and harmless; what more could you ask for? Maintaining the health of your natural hair is important to us. We never use adhesives or harsh chemicals in our salon and offer frequent maintenance and aftercare services  to help keep your hair looking amazing for longer!

What are Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions are small metal rings that are threaded through the hair extension, along with some of your own hair, and clamped shut in order to secure. This is the least damaging hair extension attachment method as no harsh chemicals are used. Our micro ring hair extension attachment method actually protects the natural hair from damage as they are lined with a fine silicone layer. This prevents the micro rings from slipping and provides a cushion barrier which protects both your hair and hair extensions from any contact with the metal itself.

Our Russian micro ring hair extensions are virtually undetectable to the eye due to their small size. This helps hair extensions to look natural, blending seamlessly into your own hair. Each micro ring is individually fitted by our team of hair extension experts, ensuring comfort and discretion. 

We currently receive a large number of hair extension corrections from other salons that have caused damage to hair using adhesives, keratin bonds, wefts and nano rings in order to attach extensions to the hair.

With our expert aftercare and micro ring hair extension maintenance advice you will find that not only are our hair extensions completely damage free, but your natural hair will grow thicker, stronger and healthier whilst wearing them.

micro russian hair extension harrogate

Why Should You Choose Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Micro ring hair extensions are one of the longest-lasting methods of attachment. If proper micro ring hair extension maintenance is carried out, our hair extensions can last between 1 and 5 years. In addition to this, micro ring hair extensions can be easily removed by your salon, causing no damage to the extensions themselves or your natural hair. This allows extensions to be removed and completely re-fitted during maintenance appointments, preventing slippage and helping extensions look ‘like new’ for longer.

They are virtually undetectable in the hair and should not cause any discomfort to the wearer. This makes them one of the best method of hair extension attachment.

Learn more about micro ring hair extensions with our Ultimate Guide  or get in touch to book a free consultation.

We also offer an exclusive range of miniature micro ring hair extensions at our Harrogate salon for ladies with very fine hair.