Many clients ask us to install nano ring hair extensions, but we felt they were unsafe for the health of the natural hair. This resulted in months of extensive research and we are now finally proud to introduce our miniature micro rings.

What are Miniature Micro Rings?

This is the smallest, most undetectable miniature micro ring hair extensions available and allows us to safely and discreetly apply hair extensions into extremely fine hair. This mini ring also allows our team of experts to place hair extensions where previously they could not be applied, leaving ladies with even the finest hair with comfortable seamless hair extensions without the need for adhesives or bonds.

These rings are exclusive to our salon, custom made by us, for us, so that we can offer thicker, fuller Russian hair extensions to clients that have either been turned away or left dissatisfied elsewhere.

As always, these rings are damage free, discreet and comfortable to wear day to day.

Miniature Micro Ring Hair Extensions