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From Initial consultation to your hair extension fitting, we offer our clients luxury service from start to finish.

We believe our clients deserve a service that is not just the best but legendary. Our process goes beyond any other salons, with a comprehensive consultation to ensure we achieve your desired look, a custom colour blending service and unrivalled hair extension fitting and aftercare expertise.

Your Free Initial Consultation

Before your hair extension fitting, we offer a free consultation appointment to discuss your desired look and the best options for your hair. During your free initial consultation, one of our experienced stylists will talk you through our selection of hair including our European/Slavic hair, our Russian Premium range and our exclusive raw, virgin, Russian range. You can see and touch the hair and our experienced stylist will be able to tell you how best to achieve the look you desire.

We will hand blend some in front of you, fitting a couple to your hair so that you can see how discreet and comfortable they are to wear, whilst also ensuring you are happy with the look and style. At this stage we will then give you a quote for the overall price to achieve your desired look.

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Creating Your Hair

Before your hair extension fitting, we need to create your hair. Once you have selected your chosen ponytails, our staff begin the labour intensive process of creating your hair extensions in our workshop. This process can take up to a couple of days as we usually have a waiting list, and as previously mentioned, it is a labour intensive process. 

The hair must first be hackled; this is the process of removing shorter hairs and preparing the hair to be made into hair extensions. We custom colour blend the hair to our clients natural hair colour, using strands from a variety of ponytails to get the very best match possible. Hair is then drawn and washed. Your hair can be seen before your hair extension fitting to ensure it is correct. If you are not able to visit the salon in the meantime we are able to send you a video of the process.

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Your Hair Extension Fitting

You can expect the fitting to take around two hours to complete. Your natural hair is first prepared by one of our skilled technicians. Your hair extensions will then be fitted using one of our safe attachment methods. After your hair extensions have been fitted, our staff will take the time to talk you through our hair extension aftercare and maintenance advice. Once your hair extensions have been applied, your hair is then styled free of charge.

You will leave your appointment feeling astounded at the quality of your new hair and the seamless application. Our attachment methods are not only the safest but the most discrete, after all, we believe the key to great hair extensions is nobody knowing you’re wearing them.

To get your dream hair, contact us to book your free initial consultation.

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Hair Extension Fitting FAQs

How are hair extensions attached?

We offer a number of different hair extension attachment methods.

Our clip in hair extensions are attached using small metal clips that are attached to your natural hair. These are removable and can be worn as frequently as you like. 

Our micro ring attachments on the other hand are not removable. If you wish to have these removed, you will need to have this done at the salon to avoid damaging your hair. They are attached to the head using a small metal loop that is slipped around the extension and your natural hair. This is then clamped shut in order to secure the extension.

We also offer mini micro ring attachments for those with fine hair. They work in the same way however, the metal ring is smaller.

How long do hair extensions take to be fitted?

How long your hair extensions take to be fitted will depend on how many hair extensions you are having. The more hair extensions you have, the longer they will take to fit.

Generally, hair extension fitting appointments can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several hours. During your appointment, your hair will be washed and prepared by one of our experienced stylists. Your hair extensions will then be fitted and your hair will be styled.

How do I prepare my hair for extensions?

There is no need to prepare your hair for hair extensions. Our skilled stylists will do everything they need to your hair before fitting your extensions.

Do you need a consultation before getting hair extensions?


You will need to book in for a free consultation appointment before we can create your new hair extensions. During this appointment, we will discuss the look you want to achieve, talk about the different attachment methods, and colour match your hair to ensure a seamless blend.

Do hair extensions hurt?

When applied correctly, hair extensions should not hurt. Your scalp may feel slightly tender for the first couple of days as you get used to the weight of your new hair extensions, however, this should subside after a few days. If the pain does not go away then it is likely that your hair extensions have been fitted too tightly and will need to be re-fitted.


Here at The Hair Alchemist, we make sure that we check the tightness of your hair extensions throughout the fitting process, and ensure that you are not experiencing any pain.