We firmly believe that our hair extensions are an investment you won’t regret!

Due to the quality of the hair we use within our Harrogate-based, hair extension salon, your hair extensions will last longer than any of the major brands. In addition to this, they will look more natural and will not damage your own hair. By following our expert aftercare advice, you can expect your extensions to last between one and five years. Even the most experienced salons struggle to access hair of this calibre. Welcome to The Hair Alchemist; home of the best hair available in the world!

European/Slavic Range

Our Premium Slavic and European range is the perfect option for those looking for an affordable hair solution. It is pre-coloured, conditioned and cuticle correct (Remy). It will not shed or matt and has been worn, and loved, by both our staff and many of our clients. The hair is slightly thicker than our premium Russian hair and comes in straight, wavy or curly options in over 100 shades. You can expect this hair to last between 1 and 2 years with a good aftercare routine and frequent in-salon maintenance. 

Length 12-14 inch 14-15 inch 16-18 inch 18-20 inch 22-24 inch
1/2 Head £299 £350 £399 £410 £450
3/4 Head £399 £450 £499 £530 £580
Full Head £499 £580 £599 £680 £710
Extra Full Head £599 £650 £699 £800 £940
Limitless £699 £750 £799 £900 £970

Russian Premium Range

Russian hair is the best in the world. All of the hair we use is ethically sourced, cuticle aligned, Remy hair of the highest grade. It has not been harshly coloured or chemically treated and is therefore silky and soft to touch. With good aftercare, hair extensions from this range can last anywhere between 2 and 4 years. Due to the extremely high quality of Russian hair, it is very difficult to source. We travelled to Russia in order to establish a supply chain in the remote areas of Russia. There are only a handful of salons across the globe who can source this hair, making it our most popular range. Known for its low density, this hair is light and fluffy in texture and irons with a silk finish for a natural, luxurious overall look.

Length 12-14 inch 14-15 inch 16-18 inch 18-20 inch 22-24 inch
1/2 Head £370 £399 £499 £510 £690
3/4 Head £470 £590 £699 £780 £850
Full Head £660 £790 £940 £990 £999
Extra Full Head £799 £990 £999 £1,070 £1,220
Limitless £999 £980 £999 £1,100 £1,290

Exclusive Raw Virgin Range

Virgin Russian hair is the highest quality available anywhere in the world. As with most Russian hair, it is light, fluffy, glossy and super strong. This range has one vital difference however; collected from the most remote regions of Russia, it has never been chemically treated, coloured or even straightened. Hair is therefore completely damage-free. It is ethically sourced from young donors with all the cuticles intact. This hair has been known to last up to five years and is the rarest and highest quality hair available on the planet. There are only 4 salons that we currently know of with access to hair of this quality… and we’re one of them.

Length 12-14 inch 14-15 inch 16-18 inch 18-20 inch 22-24 inch
1/2 Head £550 £590 £599 £630 £720
3/4 Head £740 £790 £899 £990 £999
Full Head £880 £990 £1,200 £1,300 £1,700
Extra Full Head £980 £1,199 £1,290 £1,770 £1,999
Limitless £999 £1,200 £1,700 £2,100 £2,290
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Additional Services

Double Drawn Hair Extensions: Contact the salon to speak to one of our experienced Technicians for more information on Double Drawn options to add thickness to your hair extensions. This can be discussed during your initial consultation appointment also.

Layers/Styling: £30

Additional Colours/Highlights: £20-90

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0% Finance Membership

Spread the cost of your hair extensions. With our 0% finance membership, we’ll install and look after your extensions for a year. Membership includes:

  • 1 set of micro-ring hair extensions
  • 5 maintenance appointments
  • 2 styling sessions
  • Priority appointment booking

*Note that additional £200 deposit may be required.

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