We only work with virgin Russian and Slavic hair because we believe it is the best hair available in the world.

Unlike most Russian hair extensions salons who use branded hair, we work directly with collectors to source this hair ourselves and we hand pick the softest most luxurious strands because we believe our clients deserve the best hair extensions available on the planet.

Why Russian Hair?

Our Russian hair extensions are renowned for their natural gloss and longevity. There are many salons that claim to work with Russian hair but they don’t. This hair is extremely rare and difficult to source and we believe the only way to truly know what you are purchasing is to travel there directly, which is exactly what we did.

Russian hair is expensive and for the salons that don’t employ Russian speakers, it is easy to be mis-sold Asian or Chinese hair cleverly disguised as Russian. With an abundance of counterfeit hair on the market, the only way to truly know is to collect the hair at the source avoiding dishonest hair merchants and brokers.

Asian and Chinese hair needs to be heavily processed to lift it to a lighter colour and often the cuticle layer is severely damaged. Our virgin Russian hair arrives in the form of bulk ponytails in a very light mousy brown colour and we lift it by hand to match our client’s blonde hair. Our clients can expect to wear their Russian hair for years as opposed to months, this truly is an investment worth having and many of our clients will gain up to five years from the hair they have purchased in our salon.

The traditional Russian diet adds to the strength of the hair as it is very low salt with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. It comes often as a loose wave but is also available in curly or straight hair.

dark to light russian hair wefts laid out on table