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Here at The Hair Alchemist, we are known for producing the best hair extensions in Yorkshire. Our luxury extensions use only Russian and Slavic hair; the most sought after hair in the world. Now that’s hair worth travelling for! With our extensive knowledge and experience, you will not be disappointed. Whether you are travelling from nearby Leeds, York or Wakefield, or as far as Sheffield or Manchester, you will surely leave the salon with the

Our Services

At The Hair Alchemist, we offer only the best temporary and semi-permanent hair extensions made from high-quality Russian and Slavic hair. Learn more about our services below.

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Clip-In Hair Extensions

We offer luxury clip-ins for those wanting to add volume and length without the commitment of more permanent extensions.

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Micro Ring Extensions

The only truly safe, damage-free method of hair extension attachment. They are semi-permanent, easy to maintain and very discreet.

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Mini Micro Rings

Our alternative to nano ring hair extensions is a safer, discreet hair extension option for those with particularly fine hair.

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Female Hair Loss

We offer hair extension and hair replacement systems for those suffering from thinning hair and hair loss.

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Extensions for Short Hair

You don’t need long hair to get luxurious hair extensions.

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Regular maintenance and proper at-home aftercare is crucial for long-lasting, healthy hair extensions.

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Why Choose The Hair Alchemist?

Many salons that offer hair extensions use damaging techniques or low-quality hair. Hair extension attachment methods such as keratin bonds can cause damage to both your natural hair and to the hair extension itself. This means that your hair extensions will not last as long. This is also the case if low-quality hair is used.

Here in our award-winning salon, we use only damage-free attachment methods. 

Our micro ring and unique miniature micro ring hair extensions ensure the protection of your natural hair and the hair extensions. We also only use Russian and Slavic hair for our extensions. Russian hair is the best in the world due to the nutrient-rich traditional Russian diet. 

It is strong, lightweight and super durable. In addition, we ensure that hair is in good condition, with no previous damage caused by excess heat or dye.

The combination of these things means the longevity of your hair extensions will be significantly increased. Hair extensions from The Hair Alchemist can last up to 5 years with a good aftercare and maintenance routine. 

This makes us the best place to get hair extensions in Yorkshire (and the UK!). Whether it’s everyday confidence for fine hair, a summer holiday or your big day(!), we’ve got you covered. 

Our Process

Our Yorkshire Hair Extension Salon

Based in Harrogate, we are easily accessible from Leeds, Sheffield, York, Wakefield and everywhere in between! Of course, even if you don’t live in Yorkshire, the best hair extensions are worth travelling for! We have clients from Manchester, London, Liverpool, Newcastle and more.

We pride ourselves on offering the ultimate client experience. We offer services including custom colour blending, in-salon maintenance and unique services for those with thinning hair and hair loss. Our friendly team also ensures you feel welcome and comfortable in the salon; all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Don’t forget our initial consultations are free so if you’re unsure, come by and speak to one of our specialists first. 

To book an appointment at the best hair extensions salon in Yorkshire, call us on 07538 970628

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