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What are the best type of hair extensions to get?

The best type of hair extensions for you is dependent on a number of factors from thickness to desired look and use. At The Hair Alchemist we only use Russian and Slavic hair as it is the best in the world. Strong and light with unrivalled gloss, Russian hair is the ultimate in luxury hair extensions. In order to ensure you get the very best hair extensions for you however, we undergo a rigorous colour blending process for seamless blending. In addition to this, we also offer multiple bonding techniques to suit any need. We usually use our unique microrings in order to attach hair extensions however for thin hair we also developed a range of miniature micro rings, exclusive to the salon, to ensure bonds will not be seen in the air. We can also create clip in hair extensions, hair extensions for thinning hair and hair loss and wigs.

How to wash hair extensions?

When it comes to washing your hair extensions the process is generally the same. You should however be careful to avoid the hair extension bonds during washing as this can cause hair extensions to slip. You should aim to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. Pop a little shampoo on your hands and massage very gently into the scalp and rub the shampoo into the ends of your hair. Using your shower head, rinse the shampoo from the roots. Part your hair to ensure you rinse all the shampoo from the micro rings as leftover residue can cause build up and slippage; you can then rinse the remainder of your hair. Remember to always condition the ends of the hair and not the roots. Conditioning the roots may cause the microring attachments to slide out. Only use our recommended products for hair extensions. They have been tried and tested for years by our staff and clients. Using other products can cause damage to your hair extensions and to your natural hair. After washing, you can leave your hair to dry naturally but try to ensure the bonds have been dried as leaving them wet for a prolonged period of time can cause them to deteriorate. If using a hairdryer to dry your hair, use a heat protection spray and dry on a gentle heat setting. Always support the bonds when drying or brushing your hair, avoid pulling and do not go to bed with wet hair as this can result in hair breakage. For more information on washing your hair extensions, read our blog on hair extension aftercare and maintenance.

Can I use straighteners/curling wands on my hair extensions?

Heat will damage any hair but we understand that you will want to use curlers and straighteners from time to time in order to style your hair. Avoid excess heat where possible however when you are using heated styling tools, ensure to spray the hair with a heat protection spray first. We recommend the Neal and Wolf heat protection spray. We also recommend that those with hair extensions use Cloud Nine appliances as they are the safest styling tools for your hair extensions. This is because they feature innovative temperature control and have mineral infused plates for a sleek and shiny finish. We don’t recommend any other brands and we don’t recommend over- styling as this will cause your hair to dry out. Our hair extensions are made from real hair however so can withstand a certain amount of straightening and styling. For more information on styling your hair extensions, read our blog on hair extension aftercare and maintenance.

What is the best method for brushing hair extensions?

Again brushing your hair extensions is very similar to how you would normally brush your hair, you simply need to be mindful of the bonds. In order to ensure you do not catch the micro rings you should brush the ends first and work your way up by holding your hair gently. Always support the bonds when brushing, avoid catching the rings and use a specially designed hair extension brush. For more information on brushing your hair extensions, read our blog on hair extension aftercare and maintenance.

What are the best products for hair extensions?

Shampoos contain sulphates and parabens that strip the hair’s cuticle layer of moisture and colour. We only recommend Neal and Wolf products for use on hair extensions. They are sulphate, paraben, TEA, DEA and cruelty free, ensuring your hair gets the very best care. Whilst it may be tempting to go for a cheap supermarket brand, these often contain oils causing the hair to slip out and shed resulting in damage to your hair extensions, costing more in the long run. By carefully looking after your extensions by using the right hair care products they can last for up to 5 years! For more information, read our blog post on the best hair products for extensions.

Can you swim with hair extensions?

Our hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair so you are able to swim with hair extensions. You should note that if the hair extensions are blonde, they may react with chlorine in the pool causing a colour change if over-exposed. Any chemical on the hair will reduce its lifespan however so wear a swimming cap where possible. You should also try to avoid overexposing the micro ring attachments to water as this can cause the bonds to deteriorate. Ensure that hair is rinsed of chemicals with fresh water after swimming and that the bonds are thoroughly dried. Hair should not be left wet. For more information on swimming with hair extensions, read our blog post on hair extension aftercare and maintenance. You can also find more advice on keeping blonde hair extensions blonde while swimming within our list of holiday tips.

Will you be able to see the hair extension bonds?

No. To fit your hair extensions we use the smallest microring attachments available anywhere on the market. We also have over thirty shades to match your hair colour for seamless blending. For those with thin hair, we also developed miniature micro ring hair extension attachments unique to our salon. All of our micro ring extensions also contain a silicone layer to minimise slippage. For more information on micro ring attachments, read our ultimate guide to micro ring hair extensions. Do hair extensions damage your hair? All of our hair extensions are completely damage-free when it comes to your natural hair. We only use micro ring attachments as they are the safest method available anywhere on the global market. Micro rings are the only method we will use because we want your hair to grow under your extensions and not break as can occur with attachment methods such as glue and keratin bonds. For more information on micro ring attachments, read our ultimate guide to micro ring hair extensions.

Can you dye hair extensions?

In theory; yes. They are made from 100% human hair therefore can be dyed in the usual way. We do not however recommend this as it can cause damage to the hair and could affect the bonds. You can dye the T section where no rings are present, however we don’t know your hairdresser so we would never encourage it. If you feel you want to dye your roots then you are welcome to pop into the salon for a temporary hair extension removal or use a hairdresser that will dye your hair without disturbing the extensions at all.

Can I leave my extensions in on holiday?

Hair extensions are just that; an extension of your natural hair so you can and should leave them in to go on holiday. It is no secret however that the sun, sea salt and pool chemicals are not good for your hair. We want you to have amazing holiday hair so make sure to keep it covered in the strong sunshine to avoid over exposure to UV rays, sea salt and heat. Our ladies keep their hair out of the sun during the day and wear it down at night. As long as you don’t expose it sunbathing on the beach you should be able to show it off no problem. *light blonde hair is very sensitive to the sun. We recommend a removal if you are going to a hot country to avoid burning the cuticle. For more information on caring for your hair extensions whilst on holiday read our holiday hair tips.

Can I have hair extensions when pregnant?

We advise against wearing extensions whilst pregnant. Hormonal changes can cause hair loss and we want you to feel as confident as you can even if you don’t fit into your skinny jeans! We offer a free hair extension removal service for pregnant ladies, we will then re- fit your extensions 3 months after you have given birth.

Can I wear hair extensions if I go to the gym/ exercise a lot?

You have invested in the world’s most coveted hair and you should not have to change your lifestyle at all. Made from 100% real hair, you can go to the gym and exercise as much as you wish. We do encourage you however to remember to wash and dry your hair immediately afterwards to avoid grease build up and slippage of the rings. For more information on exercising with hair extensions, read our blog post on hair extension aftercare and maintenance.

How do I remove my hair extensions?

Please do not attempt this yourself. Trying to remove your own hair extensions can cause damage to your own hair and the hair extensions themselves. We offer a safe removal service and can also provide hair extension storage meaning if you change your mind, or just fancied a break, we can refit your hair extensions.

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