The Best Hair Extensions York

One of the UK’s most historical cities, York is known for its chic bars and restaurants, amazing backdrops and endless photo opportunities. Feel your best when out and about in York with our luxury Russian hair extensions. Expertly created to give you the hair of your dreams!

Looking for Hair Extensions in York?

Good hair extension salons can be hard to find…great ones are even harder to find! We are experts in luxury hair extensions, specialising in Russian and Slavic Hair. Our salon is based in Harrogate just a short train or car journey from York city centre. Via train, the journey takes roughly half an hour while in the car, it takes around 45 minutes.

Our unrivalled expertise and service make our hair extensions worth travelling for.

hair extensions york

To have the best hair extensions in York, get them fitted in Harrogate!
You are guaranteed to leave the salon feeling better than ever. Our expert technicians seamlessly colour match and blend your hair extensions into your hair, for a natural overall look.

Why Visit The Hair Alchemist?

Why should you visit The Hair Alchemist rather than using a York hair extension salon? The answer is simple; quality.

We use only the finest Russian hair, for super light, glossy, and natural-looking hair extensions. Learn more about the benefits of Russian hair.

In addition to this, our service is unrivaled. We offer free consultations, expert hair extension aftercare, and maintenance advice, as well as refreshments from our in-salon gin bar throughout your appointment!

Lasting for up to 5 years, our hair is an investment. We will discuss your ideal look with you in detail to ensure you leave the salon with your dream hair!

Whilst we are not a hair extension salon in York, we are just a short journey away. With The Hair Alchemist, you will be able to choose from a wide range of hair extension options including micro ring hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and more.

To book a free consultation appointment or discuss your options, give us a call on 07538 970628.