The Best Hair Extensions Leeds

Leeds; famous for having some of the best nightlife in the North, home to over 180 bars in the city centre alone.  Now, don’t you want your hair to look amazing when you hit the town? …or let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather your hair just looked amazing all the time? Here at The Hair Alchemist, we offer luxury Russian hair extensions and unrivalled service to give you the hair of your dreams.

Looking for Hair Extensions in Leeds?

We offer luxury Russian hair extensions; the highest quality available anywhere in the world. Whilst we are not officially based in Leeds, did you know that Leeds is only around 30 minutes away from Harrogate on the train, or around 30-40 minutes in the car? That’s shorter than most people’s morning commute.

We are one of the few hair extension salons within the UK offering the quality of hair that we do, and one of the first trichology-led hair extension salons.

Hair Extensions in Leeds

We are able to diagnose hair conditions and refer to specialists if needed. From this, you can be sure that not only will you leave the salon with amazing hair, but your natural hair will also be protected.

hair extensions in Leeds

Hair Worth Travelling For

So what is it that makes our hair worth travelling for? For a start, you won’t find hair extensions like ours in Leeds. We use only Russian and Slavic hair within our salon, as it is the best hair available anywhere in the world. Many hair extension salons in Leeds use Asian or European hair in order to offer a cheaper alternative. We don’t take this approach however, seeing high-quality hair as an investment.

Our hair can last up to 5 years if looked after properly, it is super light and glossy and will blend seamlessly into your natural hair due to our rigorous colour matching process. Learn more about the benefits of Russian hair extensions over other types.

Never mind the best hair extensions in Leeds, wouldn’t you rather have the best hair in Leeds?

For that, the solution is The Hair Alchemist in Harrogate. We offer a wide range of hair extension options including micro ring hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, and more.

To book a free consultation appointment or discuss your options, give us a call on 07538 970628.