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Premium, Discreet Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day

If you’re looking for long, thick, luxurious hair for your wedding day, you’re in the right place. At The Hair Alchemist, we use only the best Russian and Slavic hair for our extensions, with the safest and most discreet applications on the market. 

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Luxury Hair Extensions for Bridal Hair

If you’re looking for longer and thicker hair for your wedding day, our micro ring hair extensions are the perfect solution. Micro rings are some of the safest hair extensions on the market, giving you the hair of your dreams without damaging your natural hair.

Plus, they’re practically invisible! So, whether you’re a hair down or hair up kind of bride, we’ve got you covered. Our team of expert stylists place the extensions strategically so that they can’t be seen, regardless of your hair style on the day.

Benefits of Using Micro Rings for Bridal Hair

  • Damage-free
  • Discreet
  • Expertly colour and texture matched to your hair
  • No need to remove them on your wedding night
  • Will last through your honeymoon (wear them for up to 2 months before reapplication)
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How it Works – Our Process

From Initial consultation to your hair extension fitting, we offer our clients luxury service from start to finish. Our process goes beyond any other salons, with a comprehensive consultation to ensure we achieve your desired look, a custom colour blending service and unrivalled hair extension fitting and aftercare expertise.

1 – Free Initial Consultation

Before your hair extension fitting, we offer a free consultation appointment to discuss your desired look and the best options for your hair.

2 – We Create Your Extensions

Before your hair extensions are fitted, we need to create your hair. Once you have selected your chosen ponytails, our staff begin the process of creating your hair custom extensions.

3 – Hair Extension Fitting

The fitting process usually takes around two hours to complete. Your natural hair is first prepared by one of our skilled technicians before the extensions are fitted using micro rings.

4 – Ongoing Maintenance and Re-fitting

With proper maintenance and aftercare, your extensions can last up to five years. However, they need to be taken out and refitted every two months.

Book Your Free Consultation

The first step to getting the wedding hair of your dreams is to book a free initial consultation, where one of our expert technicians will talk through your requirements and determine which extensions are best for you.

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Bridal Hair Extensions FAQs

What Hair Extensions are Best for a Wedding?

In our opinion, micro rings are the best type of extensions for bridal hair. The attachment is damage-free, whilst being virtually undetectable, regardless of your style. Plus, with proper maintenance and aftercare, they can last for up to five years!

How Long Before Your Wedding Should You Get Extensions?

We recommend getting your extensions around three months before your wedding. During this time, you’ll have a free health check appointment to ensure everything is going well and your hair is healthy. You’ll then need to book maintenance appointments every couple of months (after your wedding and honeymoon!) to have your extensions taken out and refitted. This extends the longevity of your extensions and ensures they remain looking flawless.

Are Extensions Good for Wedding Hair?

Extensions are great for wedding hair as they give your stylist more to work with. However, the type of extensions you choose is important depending on the style you want – some extensions are more invisible than others. For this reason, we recommend micro ring extensions.

How Long Does Hair Need to Be for Extensions?

There’s no hard and fast rule as to how long your natural hair should be to have extensions, but we typically require a length of at least 6 inches (15cm) to be able to fit them properly, and discreetly. 

Learn more about this in our dedicated blog, how long does hair need to be for extensions?

What are the Benefits of Hair Extensions for a Wedding?

Hair extensions are perfect for bridal hair as they not only give you the look you’re going for, but also give your stylist more to work with. Benefits include:

  • Added length
  • Added volume
  • More styling options
  • Will last through the wedding and honeymoon with no need to take them out or refit them.
  • A damage-free way to getting the hair of your dreams

How Do I Care for My Extensions Before the Wedding?

Hair extension aftercare is the key to prolonging the life of your hair extensions. With proper maintenance and aftercare, our extensions can last up to 5 years, rather than months as is with many other hair extensions. 

But, with the big day around the corner, proper aftercare is even more important. Here’s just a few tips on looking after your extensions:

  • Washing: Choose hair products which contain either no or low amounts of sodium chloride, as this will dry out your hair. Also, avoid products which use silicone-based ingredients as this can cause the bonds to weaken and eventually break down
  • Styling and heat: Limiting the amount of heat you use in your hair is recommended. But, if you must use it, it is essential to use heat protection spray on beforehand. This protects the hair cuticle and can prevent breakage. 
  • Colouring: We strongly advise against using any colour or bleach products on your extensions as this can cause bonds to break down and micro rings to slip.
  • Holidays: Chlorine and sea water can cause extensions to break down, discolour and matt. The best way to avoid damage is to keep your hair dry, but if you can’t, tie your hair into a braid and use a headband or scarf to cover the bonds. 
  • Sleeping: Before heading to bed, ensure your hair is completely dry and thoroughly brushed through, then tie your hair in a loose plait. 

Learn more about extensions aftercare in our dedicated blog, How Do I Take Care Of My Russian Hair Extensions