The Best Hair Extension Hairstyles

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hair extension hairstyles

If you’re new to hair extensions or you’re just looking for a little inspiration, you’re in the right place. One of the main benefits of hair extensions is all that extra hair; it gives you the flexibility to play around and create some amazing hair extension styles. 

So, whether you have clip in hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions or otherwise, we have put together a list of our best hair extension hairstyles, that you can try out!

Glamorous Ponytail

Ponytails might have you thinking back to your school days, but hair extensions can make any ponytail look glamorous! Whether you opt for a high or low ponytail, messy or slicked back, your hair extensions will give it the added volume and thickness to scream glam.

Ponytails are a great hair extension style as they can help to tame your hair on low maintenance kinda days or elevate your look for a big night out (not that we’ve had many of those this year). Try adding an oversized silky scrunchie to a low ponytail for the perfect daytime look!

Beachy Waves

There’s nothing like your hair after a day at the beach; tousled, undone waves that look effortless. Beachy waves are an ideal hair extension style, as the waves help to blend the hair extensions seamlessly into your natural hair, whilst creating an envy-worthy look. 

To create beachy waves, try curling the ends of your hair around your curlers, then brush out the curls. Do not curl all the way up to the root and always apply heat protection spray before using heated appliances on your hair. You could also try using a salt spray on your hair extensions to mimic the effect of the sea. 

Big Blow Out

Nothing says glamorous like a big blow out. Whether you choose to go for a super sleek blowdry or for big, bouncy curls, a blow out helps you to achieve that salon look at home. 

Using your hairdryer and brush you can create volume like no other. This is the perfect hairstyle with hair extensions, as the added hair gives extra thickness for a more dramatic finish. Blowouts are the go-to style if you need a little confidence boost and want to up the glam factor. Trust us, you won’t be able to stop flipping your hair!

Boho Braids

How many braid hairstyles have you seen, and wanted to try out, only to find your hair isn’t thick or long enough to recreate them? Take advantage of your hair extensions and experiment with braided hairstyles that are usually unachievable. 

Sleek braids can offer the perfect, low-maintenance day time look however for a more bohemian look, try loose, messy braids. You could also experiment by braiding your hair in a headband or crown braid style. There are so many different kinds of braids from dutch and french to fishtail. Change it up for a hair extension style that’s bound to get you tonnes of compliments!

Messy Bun

A messy bun might sound easy but, if you’ve ever tried it you know that it’s a delicate thing. After all, if your bun is too neat it doesn’t look right, too messy, you don’t look put together. It’s a fine balance. 

To create the perfect messy bun with hair extensions, try adding curls or waves to your hair first to give your bun some texture. Tie your hair up into a messy bun and use hair grips to pin the style into place and ensure it isn’t going to come undone during the day. Messy buns look great in a top knot style but look just as good positioned low down, at the nape of your neck. You could even tie a silky scarf around your bun to bring your look together. 


A bit like braids, twists often look more complex than they are. Twists can be a great hair extension style to mask bonds/attachments, keep your hair out of your face, whilst giving the impression that you have put a lot of effort into your hair. Try twisting different sections of your hair to see what works best for you. Twist hair behind your head to pull it away from your face, or twist hair down the side of your head for an asymmetric look. You could even try twisting your hair around the base of your bun or ponytail to combine looks and hide any hair ties.

Want to try out our hair extension styles but don’t have hair extensions? Contact us to book your free consultation.

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