Holiday Hair Extensions Tips

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5 Holiday Hair Tips for Natural Hair and Hair Extensions

It’s that time of the year again! Holiday season is here and we have some great tips that will not only protect your extensions but keep your locks moisturised and looking their best on the beach!

1. Think Colour

We want to go on holiday looking our best! Nails, hair, beach body! The pre-holiday hair ritual has many levels of preparation! However, bear in mind the effects of the sun on freshly coloured hair, especially bleached hair. Having a week or two between colouring and going on a sunny break helps give your hair time to recover and avoid excessive stress on the cuticles.

2. Keeping Blonde Blonde

You might have heard and/or experienced bleached blond hair turning green in swimming pools.

Before swimming, rinse your hair with cold water to close the cuticle scales and apply a small amount of hair oil. We recommend our beloved Neal and Wolf Velvet oil range! This will not only close your hair cuticles to stop them from absorbing copper (it’s the oxidised copper in pool water that gets get under your hair cuticles and turns it green) but it will also act as a barrier to avoid your hair drying out and going frizzy. Myth busted!

When Blondes Go Pink 

Blonde hair can turn brassy on holiday. This is usually down to high levels of minerals in the water or the hair being exposed to too much direct sunlight. It is important to understand that coloured Russian hair has toners present. These will wash off in hard water if overexposed revealing a brassy undertone. Blonde hair is super delicate and requires a little extra care.

Our salon offers in house treatments for holiday hair and our team are trained to rectify any overexposure to the sun. We recommend you take Neal & Wolf shampoo for Blondes with you on holiday if you are really fair as the violet pigments will counteract any warm tones keeping those blondes ashy in the sun.

3. Protect Your Scalp

If you’ve ever experienced a sunburnt scalp you’ll know prevention is better than cure! It’s not worth it! For those of you that haven’t, you have had a lucky escape! Hats are obvious preventers! Sun hats and caps will protect your scalp, skin and eyes. Try Heat Defence Spray to protect your extensions.

If it’s too late, and you are already suffering from a sunburnt scalp, try aloe vera gel to soothe the burnt area – try to keep these products as close to your scalp as possible and away from your extensions. Avoid coconut oil – it can clog the follicle and cause folliculitis.

4. Protect Your Hair

As we can’t turn down the heat of the sun and you might find straighteners or curlers only strain your hair more on holiday. Try some natural beach waves from plaits, braids or rollers to add volume. Add a little Heat Defence Spray to keep your extensions in the best condition in the natural heat.

For humid conditions try Neal & Wolf’s collection of frizz-free products to keep your extensions under control!

5. Hydration Treatment

You’ll often find yourself washing your hair more during a hot holiday as the build-up of chlorine, suncream and sweat can make your hair feel greasy. You will also need to use more shampoo to rinse these build-ups, which, will inevitably wash away some of the natural oils in your hair.

So, before you go on holiday, get into the habit of conditioning hair at the mid-lengths and ends as this will rebalance the PH of the hair and make up for some of the lost oils.

Hair Extension Maintenance

There you have it – our top tips for keeping your hair beautiful on holiday! Remember, if you have hair extensions, keep them up in the pool and out of direct sunlight to preserve their condition!

We use and recommend Neal & Wolf products for anyone with real human hair extensions. These products have been tried and tested! Trust us!

Interested in real Russian or Slavic hair extensions? Call today for a free consultation!

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