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We’ve all been there – chopping off our long, cherished locks for a shorter, low-maintenance feel and look. But there’s nothing quite as painful as missing your longer locks afterwards. Nevertheless, even with short hair, you can still get extensions for short hair – but what’s the minimum length needed? 

For hair extensions for short hair, you’ll need a few inches of natural hair length. This ensures the extensions have enough to grip onto and blend naturally. However, if your hair falls short of this requirement, don’t worry! There are alternative solutions available to achieve your desired look.

Read on to find out what hair extensions for short hair are the best, how they’re applied, and what other factors you should consider when choosing hair extensions.

How Long Does Hair Need To Be For Extensions?

For extensions, how long your natural hair needs to be depends on the type of extensions you are looking for. Micro rings and clip-ins are the hair extensions we recommend at The Hair Alchemist for short hair. Micro rings require at least 3-4 inches of hair, whereas clip ins require at least 14 inches. The Hair Alchemist team recommends micro rings and clip ins because they work with very short hair, as long as there’s at least a few inches of hair to cover the clips. Thereby, making them the most hassle-free and efficient solution for extensions for short hair. 

How Do You Add Hair Extensions To Short Hair?

It will vary from person to person how hair extensions are attached to short hair.  If you choose clip-in extensions, you can apply them at home easily. This can be done by clipping them underneath your natural hair in layers. The natural hair should fall on top of the clips in order to hide them.

However, if you choose to go for micro ring hair extensions, The Hair Alchemist’s team will ensure the micro ring matches your hair color for added discretion. In cases of thin or extremely fine hair, we may use miniature micro rings.

It is important to note that if you have extremely short hair, such as a pixie cut, hair extensions may not be right for you. This is because hair extensions require some hair for the extensions to hold onto. 

Are Hair Extensions For Short Hair More Expensive?

No, hair extensions for short hair are not more expensive. We typically price our extensions on the length of the hair you desire (from 12 inches to 24 inches), the amount of extensions we use (½ head, ¾ head, full head etc.), and the quality of hair used.

Contact us today if you’re interested in scheduling a consultation and learning about pricing for your desired hair extensions. Alternatively, check out our pricing page.

What Type of Hair Extension is Best For Short Hair?

Either micro ring extensions or clip in extensions are most suitable for short hair. The reason for this is that they effortlessly blend into short hair, resulting in a natural appearance. Incorporating hair extensions into short hair can enhance its appearance, giving it a thicker, healthier, and salon-fresh look.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Hair Extensions

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right hair extensions, such as: 

Face Shape

Your face shape plays a crucial role in determining the most flattering hair extension style. Different face shapes suit different extension types, whether it’s adding volume around the temples or lengthening around the jawline. Considering your face shape ensures that the extensions compliment your features, enhancing your overall look and boosting confidence.

Quality of Your Hair

The quality of your natural hair influences the type of extensions that will blend seamlessly. Matching the texture, colour, and thickness of the extensions to your natural hair ensures a cohesive and natural appearance. Choosing extensions of similar quality helps maintain a consistent look and prevents damage to your natural hair, promoting long-term hair health and vibrancy.

Thickness of Your Hair

Understanding the thickness of your hair is essential for selecting the right type and amount of extensions. Thicker hair may require more extensions for a balanced look, while finer hair may need lighter extensions to avoid weighing it down. Considering your hair’s thickness ensures that the extensions integrate smoothly, achieving a harmonious blend that enhances volume and texture without overwhelming your natural hair.

Why Choose The Hair Alchemist For Your Extensions For Short Hair

The Hair Alchemist is an award-winning hair extension salon, specialising in luxury Russian hair extensions. We offer several types of hair extensions for short hair including micro rings, and clip-in extensions. We only use quality Russian and Slavic hair for our extensions due to its health, strength, and quality. 

You can schedule an appointment with us to install hair extensions for your short hair or if you require further advice. Alternatively, check out our page on hair extensions for short hair for more information. Give us a call now on 07538970628, or schedule an appointment online!

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