Are you worried that your short hair might hinder the integration of hair extensions? Worried they won’t seamlessly blend? Rest assured – at The Hair Alchemist, we ensure that our customers with shorter hair can enjoy the same experience with hair extensions as our clients with long hair. But, how do we do this? How do you hide extensions in very short hair?

At The Hair Alchemist, we can attach extensions to short hair, however we require that the natural hair be at least 6 inches (15cm). This is so that the attachment can be hidden properly. With our micro and mini micro ring extensions, the attachments are naturally discreet, however, the attachments are still hidden by layers of natural hair. 

To find out how to hide extensions in very short hair, what the best extensions for short hair are, and more – keep reading. 

Can I Put Extensions in Very Short Hair?

You can put hair extensions in short hair; but the minimum hair length required to attach extensions is 6 inches (15cm). This minimal length of natural hair serves to conceal the clips and bonds of the extensions, while also ensuring a secure attachment. 

What Extensions are Best for Very Short Hair?

At The Hair Alchemist, our professionals advise either Micro Rings or Mini Micro Rings for short hair. The attachment technique used for these extensions is the reason behind this. Micro and mini micro rings offer a flawless integration with your natural hair and are the safest option if you are trying to grow out your hair.

Can You Do Extensions on a Pixie Cut?

We don’t recommend using extensions on a pixie cut, since we can not conceal the extensions within the short hair, resulting in an unnatural appearance. As previously mentioned, we generally require a minimum of 6 inches of hair length to attach the extensions effectively.

To find out more about the importance of length for hair extensions, check out our blog.

How Do I Make My Extensions Less Noticeable?

At The Hair Alchemist, we offer a free consultation to discuss your desired look and the best options for your natural hair. This way, we can ensure that we choose the correct hair extensions for you and discuss how we are going to attach them seamlessly. 

During the consultation, our skilled stylists will guide you through our range of hair options, including raw, virgin, and Russian hair. If you choose Micro or Mini Micro Rings, they attach via the same method – by looping small strands of hair with the natural hair strands, as opposed to using large strips like clip-ins. This method allows for better blending since each piece is individual, resulting in an unnoticeable finish.

Or, if you choose clip-ins, our stylists will demonstrate how easy it is to attach the extensions, discuss their comfort, and how our process increases the likelihood of a discreet, natural look. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our client gallery and testimonials page.

How Do You Blend Short Hair With Extensions?

The importance of blending your hair extensions can not be overstated. At The Hair Alchemist, we ensure flawless blending of your hair extensions for a natural look – no one will be able to tell! 

During your complimentary consultation, we’ll personally hand-blend extensions before you, attaching a few to your hair to showcase their discreet and comfortable wear. This allows you to assess both their seamless integration and your satisfaction with the chosen look and style. Find out more about our fitting process here.

For more information on hair extensions for short hair, visit our service page where we discuss how to care, maintain short hair extensions, and more. 

Why Choose The Hair Alchemist For Your Short Hair Extensions?

The Hair Alchemist is an award-winning salon for hair extensions, specialising in premium Russian hair extensions. Our range includes micro rings and clip-in extensions tailored for short hair. We exclusively source top-quality Russian and Slavic hair for its exceptional health, strength, and overall quality.

You can schedule an appointment with us to install hair extensions for your short hair or if you want further advice. Get in touch today via phone 07538970628, or book an appointment online!

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