How Do I Take Care Of My Russian Hair Extensions

Long blond hair extensions

If you’ve invested in Russian hair extensions then chances are you want to make sure they stay long and luscious for as long as possible. But how exactly do you take care of Russian hair extensions? Fear, not our hair extension specialists are here to give you our top tips on how to care for your Russian hair extensions to keep them looking fresh and fabulous.

So, how do you take care of your Russian hair extensions? When looking after your Russian hair extensions you’ll want to:

  • Only wash your hair 2-3 times a week, and brush your hair before doing so to avoid tangling
  • Only wash your hair with hair products that contain no sodium chloride and silicon
  • Brush your hair with an extensions brush when dry and a wide tooth comb when wet and avoid bruising over the extension bonds
  • Avoid heat and damaging hairstyles
  • Protect your hair while sleeping
  • Talking extra care of your hair in the sun and when swimming

Read on to find out more about each of these recommendations on how to prolong the life of your Russian hair extensions and keep your hair looking fabulous.

How Do You Take Care Of Russian Hair Extensions?

Aftercare for Russian hair extensions is key to keeping them looking and feeling good. When proper maintenance and aftercare are followed, Russian hair extensions can last up to 5 years, so it’s not only in your best interest for aesthetic reasons but also financially. We’ve highlighted the main steps you can add to your routine in order to care for your Russian hair extensions in more detail below.


Washing your hair extensions is a crucial part of the aftercare process but it can be difficult to know exactly what the difference is between washing your natural hair compared to your Russian hair extensions.

Choosing the Right Hair Products

It all starts with choosing the correct hair products to use, it’s important to choose a product that is not only kind to your natural hair but also cares for your extensions. We recommend choosing hair products which contain either no or low amounts of sodium chloride (salt), as this will dry out your hair. Also, avoid products which use silicone-based ingredients as this can cause the bonds to weaken and eventually break down which will cause the extensions to fall out. To find out more about the perfect hair products for washing your extensions why not check out our blog where we discussed all our favourites?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair With Extensions?

Once you’ve chosen the correct hair products you should wash your hair only 2-3 times a week, as overwashing them can strip the extensions of any moisture making them dry and frizzy. This is because, unlike your natural hair, they don’t receive the oils your scalp produces.

How to Wash Your Hair Extensions?

Washing your hair while wearing natural hair extensions, simply requires a bit of extra care to guarantee that the extensions stay in place and the hair is not damaged in the process.

    • Before washing your hair you should thoroughly but carefully detangle your hair and extensions, making sure not to tug on the microring bindings.
    • When washing your hair, always wash with your head upright to avoid tangling.
    • When it comes to applying products it is important to smooth the shampoo down the extensions and not rub it in as you normally would as this can cause tangling. When applying conditioner we recommend only placing it from the middle of your hair downwards, as applying directly to the top, especially with micro rings, can cause product buildup around the bonds and slippage which will require you to have your extensions re-fitted sooner than needed.
    • Once you have finished washing your hair and extensions, and thoroughly rinsed them to remove excess product, simply pat your hair dry, do not rub as this will also cause unnecessary tangling.

Styling and Heat

Limiting the amount of heat you use in your hair is recommended, but we understand that you can’t avoid it altogether. Whatever heat you’re applying to your hair, whether it’s a straightener, curler or waver you must use heat protection spray on beforehand. This protects the hair cuticle and can prevent breakage, as too much heat on hair can cause it to become brittle and dry.

We also understand that hair styling products such as gels, hairsprays and mousses may be key ingredients for your styling process and you can use them but with caution. Whenever you are using these products avoid applying the styling product to the bonded area of your hair as this can cause slippage.

We strongly avoid using any sort of dye or bleach products on your extensions as this can cause bonds to break down and micro rings to slip. Instead, if you are looking to change up your look, we offer a removal service so you can have a break from your extensions without damaging them.


Many of you may choose to get Russian hair extensions in order to gain more versatility in what styles you can do with your hair, especially those who make the jump from short to very long hair. It’s important, however, to know how to try out fabulous new styles without inflicting damage on your hair extensions.

Tying your hair in a cute-up do is a great choice now and then, but it’s important that you choose extension-friendly hair bobbles and ties to do this. Hair ties which contain metal clasps or are made from rubbery materials, which are often the most common type of bobble chosen, are the worst choice you can make as they pull the hair too tight and can cause breakage.

If you are going to tie your hair up choose either a scrunchie, seamless hair tie or plastic spiral hair tie as these choices reduce breakages and prevent split ends as they don’t pull as tight. To elevate your look even further, you could try a colourful printed silk scarf, headband or elaborate clip to give yourself a cute updo without the damage.

Holiday Hair

There’s no better feeling than fresh extensions for your holiday, living your full mermaid fantasy. But you don’t want to let the fun in the sun ruin your extensions permanently.
It is important to know that the chlorine in pools and salt in the sea, when combined with heat can cause extensions to break down, discolour and matt. The best way to avoid damage is to keep your hair dry, but if you can’t, tie your hair into a braid and use a headband or scarf to cover the bonds. As soon as you are done swimming, rinse your hair to get all the chlorine or salt out, as this is what will cause damage to your hair and the hair extensions bond when left to sit for too long.

Another key part of every holiday that can be damaging to your hair is sunbathing, sun exposure can be extremely toxic for your extensions. Whether you are sunbathing or on a sunbed, we recommend covering your hair with a towel to avoid drying your hair out or worse, melting the bonds.


No matter how well we take care of our hair during the day unfortunately we can’t control what happens in our sleep. Tossing and turning in your sleep can cause matting and tangling, but there are some steps you can take to prevent this.

Before heading to bed, ensure your hair is completely dry and thoroughly brushed through, then tie your hair in a loose plait. This hairstyle helps to prevent the hair and bonds from tangling as you move around in your sleep.

Salon Maintenance

It’s not only important to take care of your extensions at home but also to regularly visit the salon for maintenance appointments.

A month after you’ve had your extensions fitted revisit the salon for a checkup. After this, it’s best practice to schedule maintenance appointments every 2 months thereafter for regular refittings and checkups, to ensure the longevity of your extensions and the health of your hair and scalp. At The Hair Alchemist, we offer a free check-up appointment a month after your extensions have been fitted.

During your hair extension maintenance appointment at the Hair Alchemist, each extension is carefully removed. The hair extension is then re-sealed using our exclusive keratin bonding material to prevent shedding. Before reinstalling the extensions, we look after your natural hair and scalp. To find out more about how we can help speak to one of our specialists about your hair journey.

Are Russian Hair Extensions The Best?

Russian hair is renowned around the world for being the best and most sought-after hair for extensions. This is because the Russian diet is typically low in both salt and fat and rich in nutrients which when combined means that Russian hair is very healthy, strong and shiny. These superior qualities mean that Russian hair extensions, when properly looked after, can last for years so they really are a worthy investment.

At The Hair Alchemist, we’re firm believers that Russian hair extensions are the best type of hair available for making long-lasting and beautiful-looking hair extensions. We believe in this so much that unlike other salons we work directly with collectors to source the Russian hair ourselves to ensure that you are getting the best and most luxurious stands.

Russian Hair Extensions At The Hair Alchemist

At The Hair Alchemist, we offer a range of different Russian hair extensions that suit all types of hairstyles and types from micro rings, to mini-micro rings and even bespoke wigs we can help you achieve your ultimate hair goals. With proper maintenance, our Russian hair extensions can last up to 5 years, so this is an investment worth making.

Get in touch with one of our friendly team today to find out more about our bespoke fitting and colour blending service that ensures that your hair extensions look and stay fabulous.

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