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virgin russian hair extensions

At The Hair Alchemist, we believe in only providing the very best in hair extensions, aftercare and client care. When it comes to hair extensions, it can get a little confusing. There are so many types of hair, methods of application and aftercare products to choose from. It can be difficult to know which is the best option for you. We are here to cut through all the misinformation and noise by bringing you not only the best hair extensions in Yorkshire but also the very best salon experience!

Why do we use Russian and Slavic Hair?

We only ever use Russian and Slavic hair when creating hair extensions for our clients. Russian and Slavic hair is unrivalled in terms of quality and durability; known for its low density and high strength, making it lighter than any other hair available on the planet! This means that our Russian hair extensions are super long-lasting but also super comfortable to wear. The low density of hair is attributed to a combination of the hair donor’s DNA and the traditional Russian low salt, low-fat, vegetable-rich diet. This makes Russian hair the most sought after in the world. 

How do we Source our Hair?

Russian hair is notoriously difficult to source due to its high quality and recent popularity. Many salons claim to use Russian hair however, in many cases, this is simply not true. There are a large number of fake Russian hair suppliers providing salons with coloured Asian hair instead.  Due to the abundance of these suppliers, it can be very easy to fall victim to the scam. Knowing this we have taken every precaution to 100% guarantee the origin of every single strand of hair used in our salon.

In order to do this, we decided to completely bypass the supply chain and travel directly to Russia ourselves in order to source hair. We did this in 2013 and have since established a trustworthy supply chain which we review every year without fail. The hair used in the salon is ethically sourced and collected by our team of collectors.

How can you tell Real Russian Hair from Fake Russian Hair?

Naturally, over the years we have become experts in spotting the real from the fake. Although it can be difficult to differentiate hair types on sight, there are a few telltale signs to look for when buying Russian hair. 


Russian hair is expensive. It is unavoidable, if you want the very best, you should expect to pay a premium. Just like gold, it has a set global price dictated by supply and demand. If you are offered a full head of Russian hair for £300 – £400, the chances are it is not genuine. Remember that common phrase ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.’


Can the person you are buying from speak Russian? Due to the scarcity of Russian hair, it is unlikely that unless you are buying from a Russian speaker with a long-established network of suppliers, the hair will be of Russian origin. In saying this, there are also many Russian speaking suppliers offering counterfeit products. Much of this counterfeit hair is imported from India and China and sold by Russian companies in order to fool salons and other customers. Now you may feel like you can’t win in that case but there are other factors to look for. If the hair is a block colour or comes in a ponytail weighing over 100g, the hair has likely been chemically treated or comes from multiple donors, making it ingenuine.


This is likely the most telling factor of high-quality hair extensions however, it is impossible to determine prior to purchase. Russian and Slavic hair can last for a very long time, up to 5 years if maintained correctly (rather than months as with other types of hair). This is part of what makes them the best hair extension option to choose.  An inclination of how long hair will last can be determined via the supply of the product. Russian hair will never be supplied in a weave or weft and does not come in ombre, dip dye or platinum. Virgin Russian hair comes only in dark blonde to medium brown; salons that frequently work with this style of hair should be able to using only a hackle, a blending brush, drawing brushes, hand-tied wefts and tipping irons. Pre-packaged and ready tipped hair cannot command the same price tag as Russian hair as it is generally lower quality.


From everything you’ve read, you might think that Russian and Slavic hair is perfect but no hair is completely free of imperfection! In fact, the presence of imperfections is a sign that the hair is genuine. Bulk ponytails in one colour, machine wefts, tape ins and tipped hair with a silky finish are not available directly from collectors. They come from hair factories where the hair is processed with many chemicals in order to make it look shiny and perfect. Just as with your own hair, Russian hair will have split ends, waves, natural highlights, kinks, you name it! An experienced salon such as ours will understand how to work this hair to remove any shorter and unwanted hairs, leaving each client with a bespoke set of beautiful hair extensions.

Why Choose the Hair Alchemist?

The Hair Alchemist is unlike other hair extension salons. Not only is the quality of products the highest in Yorkshire but our expertise, customer service and care are unparalleled.  


With over 15 years of experience in just about any type and method of hair extensions you can think of, you’re in safe hands. Our understanding of the importance behind sourcing the very best hair, for a beautiful result is why our clients return to the salon time and time again! We have clients travelling regularly from Leeds, York, Manchester, Newcastle and more. By spending a little more, you’re actually saving yourself a whole heap of time and money. Cheap hair extensions tend to tangle and matt within weeks of application, meaning you will have to replace them again and again. Our expertise in product quality, application, maintenance and aftercare means your extensions could last up to 5 years. Now that’s an investment!

Our staff are highly trained, which will become apparent during your free initial consultation and beyond. On consultation, you will be shown and talked through each of the different hair grades we offer:

Luxury Range: Premium Slavic European textured hair, pre-coloured, conditioned and cuticle correct.

Premium Russian Range: Ethically sourced, cuticle aligned Remy hair of the highest grade. Never been treated with harsh chemicals or colours, silky smooth and soft to the touch.

Exclusive Virgin Russian Range: Collected from the remote regions of Russia, never touched by chemical treatments, colours or intense heat such as straighteners. Ethically sourced with intact cuticles.

In addition to this, the hair is colour blended in front of your eyes and you will then be fitted with a couple to try, in order to get a feel for the extensions. We will then explain how to look after your extensions before you make a decision. Go home, think about it and take as long you like to decide, no pressure!


There is nothing worse than entering a salon and feeling intimidated. So many salons have a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere, we are warm, welcoming and friendly, making your hair extension experience as relaxing as possible. From initial consultation, right through to maintenance appointments, we will never rush you, making sure you are completely happy with your new look and understand the process of looking after your extensions. So sit back, relax, enjoy a G&T on us and we’ll do the rest.


The experience doesn’t stop after your fitting, we recommend that clients return to the salon for regular maintenance appointments to ensure your hair looks amazing for as long as possible! 

During each appointment, we will remove your extensions, wash, dry and refit them, whilst your own hair and scalp are cleansed and exfoliated. Regular maintenance helps to prevent slippage of attachments and maintain scalp and hair health. We will then straighten or curl your hair free of charge so you leave the salon looking better than ever!

We also work with Neal and Wolf, offering a range of hair extension friendly aftercare products for purchase. Using standard shampoos and conditioners can damage the hair and the bonds, due to the use of sulphates. Neal and Wolf shampoos are sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and cruelty-free and have an extensive range designed for all types of hair and finishes from, volumising to hydrating. 

So…there it is! Now you know why The Hair Alchemist offer the best hair extensions in Yorkshire. Not only is our product quality guaranteed, but it is superior to any other type of extension. Our expert staff have years of experience and fit hair extensions using only the safest methods (micro ring hair extensions, mini micro rings or clip ins). Our exceptional customer service and care mean clients feel welcome and at ease in the salon allowing us to build a loyal customer base. Based in Harrogate town centre, we are easy to reach by train or car from Leeds, Manchester, York, Sheffield, Newcastle and surrounding areas. 

After all, why wouldn’t you travel for the best?

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