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One of the most common questions about hair extensions is whether or not they cause hair loss. In this article, the hair extensions experts at The Hair Alchemist dive into the different types of hair extensions and whether or not they cause hair loss. We also look at what you can do to minimise the risk of hair loss when using hair extensions.

So, do hair extensions cause hair loss? Hair extensions can cause hair loss, but usually only when installed incorrectly or if they weren’t looked after. Proper installation and aftercare are key for minimising hair loss. But some types of extensions, like nano rings, are more likely to cause hair loss than others, such as micro rings.

Read on to learn more about damage and hair loss when using hair extensions with the experts at The Hair Alchemist.

Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

In most cases, hair extensions will only cause hair loss if installed incorrectly or if they aren’t properly looked after. Some types of hair extensions are naturally more damaging than others, but won’t necessarily cause hair loss unless proper precautions weren’t taken.

Below we look into some of the most common types of hair extensions – clip-ins and micro rings – to determine whether or not they are likely to cause hair loss. 

Do Micro Rings Cause Hair Loss?

Micro ring hair extensions are relatively damage-free and shouldn’t cause hair loss if they are installed correctly. These extensions do not use glue or other harsh chemicals to bond the natural hair to the extension. Instead, hair is simply slotted into the micro ring along with the extension and clamped shut.

Some claim that the additional weight of the extensions and the ring itself could cause damage or hair loss, however, this is not the case. Our natural hair is surprisingly strong and shouldn’t easily break with the gradual force of micro ring extensions.

Learn more about micro ring hair extensions in our dedicated blog, The Ultimate Guide to Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

Miniature Micro Rings

At this point, you may be wondering about miniature micro ring extensions. At the Hair Alchemist, we undertook months of research to develop the most discreet hair extensions, designed with fine hair in mind. They’re essentially a smaller version of the classic micro ring extensions, but smaller and more discreet, even in the finest of hair. 

As such, they are just as safe and damage-free as classic micro ring hair extensions, provided that they are installed properly and looked after.

Nano Rings

At The Hair Alchemist, we don’t believe that nano ring hair extensions are safe for the health of the natural hair. This is due to the installation method required. The nano ring itself is so small that only a tiny amount of the natural hair can be pulled through to support the extension hair. This can lead to hair loss and/or root damage. 

What’s more, despite the name, the bonds of nano rings are quite large and visible, especially when the hair is worn up. In our opinion, micro rings or miniature micro rings are the better option.

Can Clip-in Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Whilst a great option for people who don’t want the commitment of micro ring extensions, clip-in hair extensions are not designed to be worn daily and could cause hair loss and/or damage if over-used. Likewise, these extensions should not be slept in or worn when showering, exercising or swimming.

What’s more, clip-in extensions aren’t ideal for thin hair as their weight may put strain on the hair and cause damage. Micro or miniature micro ring extensions are much better for thin hair.

How to Avoid Hair Loss When Using Extensions

First things first, it’s important to get your natural hair in good condition before having hair extensions installed. Healthy, strong hair will help to minimise any potential damage from the extensions.

Our number one tip for avoiding hair loss when using hair extensions is to have them properly installed by a professional. This helps to minimise the damage that extensions may cause, but proper maintenance and aftercare are also essential.

Giving your hair a break from extensions is incredibly important for minimising damage and hair loss. We advise that you never wear extensions for more than 2 months continuously as root growth can start to cause the roots to tangle, which may cause damage.

Hair Extensions for Hair Loss

Believe it or not, some hair extensions can be used to help manage female hair loss, or to help women with especially thin hair. However, this must be done in a bespoke manner that is suited to the hair in question. Typically, micro ring or miniature micro ring extensions are used in these cases. We also offer bespoke wigs for those who think that extensions are not suitable for them. 

At The Hair Alchemist, we carry out a consultation appointment which looks at the condition of the hair and the scalp before advising on the most appropriate hair extension attachment method for you.

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Hair Extensions at The Hair Alchemist

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